With the all-new 2012 Suplest Supzero range set to arrive into the Evans warehouse at the end of Feb and having just got our hands on a sample set we thought it’d be a good idea to give you the lowdown on what’s new from the small, fresh Swiss shoe brand for 2012.

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First, a little background info…

The name Suplest borrows from the word ‘supple’ and the cycling term ‘souplesse’ which literally translates to suppleness, softness, flexibility, adaptability, fluidity. On the bike: smoothness, a ‘oneness’ with the machine. For example Alberto Contador (love him or loathe him) is certainly a shining modern day example of being at one with the ‘souplesse’, Cadel Evans, Denis Mechov and other ‘pedal mashers’, not so much.

Based in Berne, Switzerland, all Suplest products are developed, designed and tested in Switzerland – the hilly region of The Emmental proving to be the perfect testing ground for pushing prospective new product to its limits.

Whilst Suplest are a relatively young brand, they’re big on industry experience, looks, materials and comfort. Founded in 2007 by Robert Gehrig and Daniel Balmer, Suplest was established from the off as a premium cycle shoe brand with the sole aim to develop and produce high-end shoes with distinctive designs, unsurpassed comfort whilst using using superior materials. Here’s how…

Streetracing Series:

The Streetracing Carbon models are Suplest’s super stiff, lightweight premier road racing offerings

Streetracing Velcro – £199.99srp

Essentially there's x2 models, both using the same upper and sole but with different fastening options. Shown above is the full Velcro 3-strap option which comes in @ a svlete 240g for a size 42.

Streetracing Buckle – £249.99srp

The other option on the Streetracing Carbon model is the micro-adjust ratchet buckle. It gives a little more security on the fastening front but at a weight penalty of 30g vs. the all-Velcro model (270g - size 42)

Both models use the same stiff yet lightweight carbon sole, guaranteeing maximum comfort and efficient power transfer. The sole has two air vents, offering airflow from underneath and for assisted walking Suplest have added rubber inserts in the toe and heel. Industry standard 3-bolt cleat fastening means compatiblity with all the big pedal manufacturers (Shimano SPD-SL, Look, Speedplay and Time).

One neat little feature on the Streetracing Carbon models to help ensure longevity is the replaceable rubber heel insert. Unfortunately not shown on this pictured pre-production sample – but x2 securing screws will be accessible via x2 ports visible inside the shoe (upon removing the insole).

The sole is paired to a micro-fiber upper which is both light, comfortable and allows Suplest to cleverly increase thickness where extra support and stability is needed and decrease thickness where it’s not for improved overall comfort.

Triathlon – £199.99srp

Suplest’s Tri shoe complete’s the Streetracing category. It shares the Streetracing Carbon sole but uses a revised upper with Suplest’s large Tri-Velcro strap and heel loop – to allow for fast fitting and to help save valuable seconds in transition

Crosscountry Series

Aimed at the XC racers and MTB fraternity, the Crosscountry range comprises of x4 options; micro-adjust ratchet buckle or full Velcro 3-strap fastening with the option of a lightweight, stiff full carbon sole or a slightly more economical, forgiving Nylon sole.

Crosscountry Carbon Velcro – £199.99srp

Pictured above is the full Velcro 3-strap model. The mirco-fibre upper, seamless, one-piece forefoot section is not only super comfy (eliminates pressure points) but as an added bonus on the mtb model it’s also super easy to clean! A vital plus point to consider, especially when your shoes look this good!

...with the full carbon sole (Crosscountry Carbon) which comes in @ a featherlight 326g for a size 42. Like the nylon sole it’s largely coated in a thin protective TPU protective top layer to reduce slip when locating your pedal and to protect against impacts. Both nylon and carbon soled models are supplied with removable x2 front studs for ultimate grip in muddy conditions.

Crosscountry Carbon Buckle – £249.99srp

For added security and foot retention the buckle helps to pull the heel down and back into the heel cup to eliminate slip (345g w/ carbon sole – size 42).

Crosscountry Velcro – £139.99srp / Crosscountry Buckle – £159.99srp

The more economical, slightly more forgiving nylon core sole of the Crosscountry model shares the same aggressive, hard wearing, abrasion-resistant tread as the more expensive Crosscountry Carbon model to help offer unsurpassed grip when off the bike. The x2 bolt cleat fastening is compatible with all the big pedal manufacturers’ systems (Shimano SPD, Look, Time and Crank Brothers). Weights are: Buckle – 356g I Velcro – 336g for a size 42

Offroad Series
For the backcountry adventurers, explorers, hike-a-bikers, trail builers and leisure orientated riders who spend equal amounts on the bike as they do off the bike walking. Walking boot/shoe meets cycle shoe with ample capabilities of dual-duty performances…

Offroad Alpine – £150.00srp

A high/mid cut boot to offer the ankle a little more support and protection than conventional low-cut shoes. The upper is constructed from synthetic nubuck leather combined with a hard wearing abraison-resistant mesh. The roomy toe box (think room for thick winter socks) is also protected by a rubber toe-cap.

The Offroad Alpine is equipped with the world-renowned, grippy Vibram sole which is hard-wearing and provides excellent traction both on and off the bike. The cleat fixture has a removable blanking plate which you can choose to remove to fit cleats (compatible with Shimano SPD, Look, Time, and Crank Bros) or leave in place and the boot will perform admirably as a dedicated walking boot

The asymmetrical hooks of the lacing system ensure that the heel gets pulled down and back into the heel cup snuggly, minimising movemeent and 'hot spots'. The Velcro strap provides added support and also serves to keep the laces tucked away securely.

Ofrroad – £134.99srp

The Offroad is essentially a low-cut version of the Offroad Alpine (even using an identical Vibram sole), offering a lower weight and increased ventilation due to the amount of mesh used in the upper.

Details, details... on the inside of the heel cup you'll find some silicon grippers designed to prevent your heel from moving in the shoe and causing discomfort.

So there you have it; essentially the complete rundown of 2012 product from Swiss shoe supremoes, Suplest. We’re expecting stock of the new 2012 models towards the end of Feburary, in the meantime you can view the entire range and some tasty closeout offers we’ve got on last year’s S1 model here.