Rupert works at our Contact Centre and he has been reviewing bikes for a while for our blog. This time, however, he passed on the baton to his daughter. You can read her initial impressions about the Moda Major here.

Over the summer the Moda has been utilised by Marley in a Triathlon training weekend, a trip to the Lake District and several outings to Preston Park Velodrome as well as some casual riding with her friends.

The Moda Minor was pride in place when Marley attended a Kids Tri weekend in July run by the Mid Sussex Tri Club. The were 50 kids who wanted to learn how to do triathlon and take part in a fun Triathlon at the end of the weekend. Within this the kids were to learn how to Swim / Bike  / Run, transitions, mount and dismount and nutrition, as well as warm up and cool down exercises for all three sports.  This was run in  conjunction with the Hedgehogtri Kids Series.

Each session lasted around an hour with a nutritional organic lunch sandwiched in the middle. It was a fantastic weekend and all the kids got a real insight to the world of Triathlon.

In late August the family took a trip to the Northern Lake District, near Ullswater and this showed Marley the real use of gears with some of the hills she attempted to ride up. As a parent it’s hard to push your child when they are hurting but explaining what the full range of gears on this mini adult bike were for seemed easier for her to take in and understand why she had 18 gears. One thing she did comment was how good the brakes were when we were descending!

Preston Park Velodrome is just down the road from us and is the oldest open track in the country and is used regularly by cyclists of all abilities to train and ride. Marley has spent a good time riding around the Park over summer and has shown some interest in joining the Preston Park Youth Cycling Club now she has the bike to go with the image so to speak. It’s a great place to ride to practice your technique and is completely safe as there is no other traffic to contend with like when you’re on the road, well apart from the joggers and the cyclists. We used the park quite a few times for Marley to get a real feel for the bike before heading out on the open road.

Watch this space for a further update………..the Cyclo Cross season has started and there’s a Moda also available for kids to take part in this!

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