Here at Evans Cycles, we believe that cycling to work is the best way to get there. We’re always keen to help people on their way by making it easy to access and maximise the benefits of the government cycle to work scheme.

We run our own tax free bike programme, Ride2Work, but we also accept CycleScheme certificates and CyclePlus vouchers. We explained the process for signing up and paying for your bike here.

Looking for a commuting bike?

If you’ve decided you want to get yourself a bike, and save money through the cycle to work scheme, your voucher will provide you with up to £1000 to spend on a bike.

You can use your bike for commuting and leisure, so it’s worth bearing in mind that you should look for something that will cater for any weekend rides you may have planned, as well as your daily rides to work.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a look at some of the best bikes for commuting, all under £1,000:

Drop bar racing and road bikes

Road bikes, or racing bikes, are light and fast. Though the geometry (fit) on bikes will vary, in general road bikes are a slightly more aggressive choice, putting the rider in a position that is faster, and the drop handlebars offer multiple hand positions. Road bikes are generally favoured by people who want a fast commute, and perhaps enjoy riding for sport.

Trek Madone 2.1 – £1000

This bike offers great spec, with a light aluminum frame, carbon fork and largely 105 groupset  – and it’s bang on the cycle to work scheme limit. This is the younger, aluminium sibling of the race proven carbon big brother, and the quality trickles through the range. And, of course, the colour scheme is bang on, with a white, red and black version available.


The Trek Madone 2.1 Road Bike

The Trek Madone 2.1 Road Bike

Fuji Sportif 1.3 – £820

This bike is an all-round road performer. Mechanical disc brakes (fairly new in the road bike market) work well in the wet, and a wide gear ratio means it’s perfect for tackling hills if they should be on your route. A relaxed geometry makes for comfortable rides, even on long journeys.


The Fuji Sportif 1.3

The Fuji Sportif 1.3

Specialized Dolce X3 Equipped – £670

This women’s specific road bike is kitted up and ready to go, with a saddle bag and bottle cages fitted as standard. With an endurance geometry that promises comfort, the Dolce has a triple chain set on the front means it’s a good bike if hills are on the agenda.


The Specialized Dolce X3

The Specialized Dolce X3

Cyclocross bikes

Cyclocross racing takes place on and off-road – over tarmac and over field, but bikes designed for this discipline are becoming popular commuting options. Cyclocross bikes combine the lightness and ease of riding of a road bike, with durability and weather proofing of a mountain bike – making for a perfect mix.

Pinnacle Arkose one – £850

This is a CX bike that is compatible with mudguards and racks, and it can be used off road, for a commute, or for a sportive. The disc brakes offer superior braking

Pinnacle is an Evans Cycles in house brand, and offers fantastic value for money. The Arkose range includes a selection of bikes, including the women’s specific model, with female geometry and components.


The Pinnacle Arkose One

The Pinnacle Arkose One


Hybird bikes offer a relaxed riding position that suits a lot of riders. Some are rugged enough to venture off road, and they are often light and designed with commuting in mind, encorporating mounts for panniers and mudguards for those less than blissful days.

Pinnacle Neon Three – £550

This bike is a flat bar hybrid that comes with a quality set up, using a Shimano road groupset and carbon fork blades which reduce the weight and increase the comfort. This bike is the perfect companion for a hassle free commute which will definitely have you beating the traffic.


The Pinnacle Neon Three

The Pinnacle Neon Three

A light comfortable flat bar hybrid equipped with a Shimano road groupset. Carbon fork blades keep the weight down and the comfort high. Perfect for a heads up commute and beating the traffic.

For the women’s specific version, check out this Pinnacle Neon Three Women’s Hybrid.

Shed pounds

Don’t forget that if you get a bike through Ride2Work, you can enjoy the exclusive offers available to Evans Cycles customers. At the moment, we’re offering up to £250 worth of free accessories with a new bike, but this offer won’t be around for long, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Get in touch

Those are just a few of the options available, if you’ve still got questions, get in touch with our Contact Centre on 01293 574 900, or pop into your nearest store.