Guest blogger Phoebe Doyle reviewed the Adventure ST3 Two Seater 2009 Trailer bike for us. Phoebe Doyle blogs about parenting and education at

OK, I’ll level with you; I’m not exactly the most confident of cyclists and so hadn’t given the idea of a trailer much thought. Friends of ours though had found them tremendously useful as, particularly if you have two small children, it can be pretty tricky getting everyone to go in the same direction when out with bikes and trikes. My husband is much more of a cyclist than myself so he was nearly as excited as the children when this Adventure ST3 Two Seater 2009 Trailer (RRP £175.99) turned up.

I was concerned that the children would be too big. Rosie is 5 and Charles is a somewhat hefty 2 year old. These trailers are strong though and are suitable for 100lbs worth of children, and a quick bit of maths later I’d worked out that mine combined were a good way off this.

Due to my various anxieties we decided to go to a fab and very safe cycling spot near to where we live in the East Midlands. This meant we could stick to ‘off road’ and I could carefully keep my eye on proceedings whilst Clive pulled the trailer. Needless to say the kids loved it instantly. Their initial reaction was to giggle endlessly as it was something so new, different and fun. After a while though they, quite uncharacteristically, were just pretty chilled and calm, enjoying being pulled along without doing any of the hard work. They were even silently holding hands at one point and much to my amazement there wasn’t a squabble to be heard!

Clive, my husband, said it was a lot less knackering than he’d envisaged. On their first attempt he went for a good half hour and he actually rather enjoyed it. Before we had children he cycled a lot but hasn’t done much at all of late; bike rides with kids tend to mean us running at their side and cajoling them along, this trailer gives the option of having an almost-adult bike ride experience, with the added bonus of two giggling little ones tagging along!

As for me giving it a go? Well seeing as we’re only just able to get on our bikes it may take a while to build my confidence but when I have I dare say I’ll give it a try.

We were given the trailer to review from Evans Cycles and as with our previous experiences found their service to be professional and speedy.

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