We’ve been using this iPhone app from Bike Doctor for a few months now since it was released back in June, and are pretty impressed by the range of repairs and general maintenance tips it covers. It is aimed at the commuter who wants to simply diagnose a problem, and get a simple explanation of how to fix it. The majority of the repairs are based on commuter or hybrid bike features (though the new version does now include road and MTB brake pad replacement tutorials).

When you open the app you are presented with this menu screen.

At this point, you can tap the ‘BIKE’ button at the top and then you are presented with a tappable image of a bike: so if you have a problem with your brakes, simply tap the brakes, and so on. It may be more intuitive if presented with this screen first, with a more prominent instruction on what to do (I kept missing the ‘BIKE’ button to begin with).

Once you have tapped on the part of the bike you have a problem with, you then are presented with the list of tutorials for that area. Lets say I chose wheels, then puncture repair.

It helpfully tells you first what you need to perform the repair. Then step by step instructions, with each step accompanied by good quality colour images, and quite detailed instructions.

And that’s it, simple as that. The tutorials (over 20 of them) cover a good mix of basic repairs, to more advanced adjustments (the section on front and rear derailleaurs is particularly good). One thing I really liked is the way it is written: simple and easy to understand language. Even someone like me who is no expert mechanic could understand it well! For a real quick overview, heres the little promo video:

I would say that if you have want to improve your knowledge of basic bike maintenance and want something for repairs on the move, this is worth the £2.99 investment (though I would expect it to be updated regularly with more content for that price). If you are looking for any advanced information specific to a style of riding (road, MTB etc.) then this is probably not for you. In my experience, there is also no substitute for someone actually showing you how to perform a repair, so don’t be shy to ask your local bike shop either, or book in for some free maintenance classes here!

Download the Bike Doctor App Here