In our ongoing mission to get more customers trying and rating product, this year we are providing a selection of bikes to be reviewed over time. Here Shaun Clements tells us about impressions of the BMC Street Fire SSX01 2010 Road Bike. Check out his previous posts, too!

Initial impressions

Having had my flash new bike for a few weeks, I have finally managed a couple of outings in addition to the daily commute. My initial plans for the first long ride were grand and ambitious – to ride the London 2012 road cycle circuit – what a great way to test the bike. If you’re interested the route is mapped out at

The weather and (more likely) a few too many beers the previous evening dramatically reduced our ambitions and, having only made it to Richmond Park, we decided we’d done well. Not the grandest of rides but it gave me the opportunity to test the bike over a few laps which proved smooth and surprisingly easy on the inclines. Overall, not the ride we had planned, but great to get out – and to top it off, a coffee at the cyclist-friendly cafe: ‘look mum no hands!’ ( The Olympic loop will have to wait another day.

The following weekend a couple of us headed north towards Hertford on a great little ride, once we left the confines of London. The stiff ride makes the BMC very responsive but, at the same time, can feel abrupt on the uneven country roads especially out of the saddle. After a well deserved lunch at the pub, we headed for home clocking up 50miles. I noticed a few sloppy gear changes during the ride so time to drop it into the local Evans Cycles for its first (free) service to be tuned and ready for the next adventure.