This month’s customer review was written by Tim Keward on the Bontrager Charger Pump, and as usual, he is entitled to the £250 voucher.

I could go into a long-winded story about being a newbie cyclist who persevered for too long with a hand pump however I don’t want to leave myself looking too foolish (I have learnt the error of my ways the hard way!) so…

I absolutely recommend this pump to all beginner cyclists as an essential, early purchase as it’ll save a lot of arm-ache when those inevitable punctures occur.

Equally at home with both presta and schrader valves, the action of the pump arm feels smooth and assured and gets your tyres pumped up to the desired pressure with no fuss at all (the pressure gauge is nice and clear too).

There’s also the added bonus of further versatility with the inclusion of other adaptors.

A superb product.

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