We’ve received some BrevM gear a couple of weeks ago and we asked our friends on Facebook if anyone wanted to test some of the gear. We had an overwhelming number of responses and it was hard to pick two. You can read their reviews here today and tomorrow.

About the author – Ryan Manders

I have been riding for several years with my experience laying mainly in fixed gear and road cycling. I currently have three steeds of only a single gear; one out-and-out track bike (yet to visit the track), one commuting fixed gear and one singlespeed mountain bike conversion used for anything and everything. I am not a complete singleton as having worked in a bike shop in York for a period of time I learned to appreciate anything with two wheels and pedals! For this test I used the singlespeed 1997 Marin Hawk Hill because of the compatibility of the parts.

Brev.M are a Californian based producer of bicycle components aimed at the modern urban fixed gear rider. A quick visit to their website will tell you they care for form and function; not only does the part have to look good but it also has to perform.

Their saddles are more than a nod to the famous and thoroughly imitated Selle Italia Turbo and San Marco Concor, but with prices at around £20 they are a fraction of the classics’ £49.99 and £74.99 asking prices. Though for some, only the authentic will do.

The aptly named ‘classic saddle’ tested was a joy to ride on; it offered firm yet comfortable support where needed coupled with compliance over the road’s discrepancies. Having ridden the Selle Italia Turbo, the Brev. M classic saddle does no more and no less than the product it mirrors so closely. Save the £30.

Like many of Brev. M’s products the flat bars are available in a spectrum of colours, making it easier to coordinate to your taste and bike. It is entirely obvious that the handlebars are not aimed at those looking to put the miles in, they are aimed squarely at the fixed gear rider looking to filter through those small gaps in the traffic.

At only 500mm long, the flat Brev.M handlebars will leave many riders cramped and uncomfortable in the cockpit. Why not make a longer handlebar and allow the rider to cut them down at their own discretion? Furthermore, with a clamp size of 25.4 and no oversized option available, they will be excluding a large market proportion who will favour stiffness and greater interchangability between their modern parts. However, although they may be heavy, we’ll call them strong as the weight lends to a quality and sturdy feel. The finish of the bars appears to be above average with a glossy and bright finished left undamaged by carefully tightened brake lever clamps. If only they were oversized …

The Brev.M flange grips take similar design cues from another rival product, this time the ever-popular Oury grips, but alternatively employs a triangular grip pattern. Available in as many colours as its famous counterpart with yet again an undercut in price, it seems a bit of a no-brainer unless the brand name is a must have.

The soft rubber and deep grooves of the flange grips offer the great comfort needed. When performing trackstands which put alot of pressure on the hands, they are a welcome relief from under-taped bullhorns and worn foam grips we subject ourselves to. On hand-heavy tricks or longer rides tiresome palms seem a world away.

Brev. M seem to have achieved their goal of producing good looking and seemingly bomb-proof components. However, their handlebars in particular suffer from a lack of compatibility with the oversized stems which are increasingly becoming the norm in the cycling world.

They have proven that they can do retro reincarnations well but they seem to lack originality which could push them forwards with innovative and stylish products of their own. If you aren’t hung up on brand image and are looking to save a few pounds on good quality and tough components, look to Brev. M.

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