With the weather being so nice, it’s been the perfect time to try some spring/summer tyres and Evans, being the kind people they are, were good enough to let me try a set of the 2.1” Charge Splashback tyres.

The first thing that struck me (other than the slightly dubious name) was the look of the tread. The centre channel is made up of low profile circular button shapes, with much chunkier knobbles on each side. This, and the retro light tan walls, made me a little nervous – but once they were on they didn’t look nearly as strange as they did at first glance.

Charge Splashback Tyre

My first outing was a trip to some very dry and sandy North Downs trails. The amount of grip that the outer part of the tyre had was immediately impressive. I was never worried about cornering, and when I got the occasional bit of front-wheel skidding around some of the sandiest bits, as soon as the edges caught the ground I was back on track.
My second outing was to my local trails, and being able to compare them on more familiar routes made it obvious that these tyres are a lot quicker than the slightly worn pair of Bontrager Jones XR’s that I have been riding on until now.

I would definitely recommend these for anyone looking for some tyres for the dryer conditions that this spring/summer will (hopefully!) bring – reasonably priced (£29.99 each for the 1.8” and £32.99 each for the 2.1”), fast, and plenty of grip for cornering.

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