Muc-Off Silicon Shine

After many hours toiling over the bike with a toothbrush removing every last speck of dirt, the thing that is really missing is a top-class finish to really make it sparkle. After all, you polish that rust-bucket on the driveway every Sunday morning; why not apply the same loving care to your true pride and joy? Well, now you can. Squarely aimed at people with an unnatural obsession for a clean and sparkly bike, Muc-Off Silicon Shine will certainly not disappoint. Once your bike is as clean as it was the day it was built, spray this magic-in-a-can over the frame and buff with a soft microfibre cloth.

The first thing you notice is the strong smell of bubblegum, which is a welcome change from the chemical nastiness or overpowering citrus of most cleaning products. Then you notice how the surface it has been applied to comes to life. What can be a dull finish after cleaning really does sparkle like new. OK, I tried it out on a silver bike, but the results are noticeable wherever you put it, and you can put iot in lots of places. Silicon Shine is not limited to bike frames. You can apply it to shock stanctions, cranks, seatposts, tyre walls, hubs – basically anywhere but braking surfaces and tyre treads. It’s application to tyre walls is possible the most impressive – acting like the stuff they use in car showrooms to make the tyres all shiny and black, this does the same on your bike, breathing new life into what is usually the one part that never gets cleaned.

The final quality of this product is perhaps the most important and easily overlooked, and this is where the Silicon comes into play, and where you realise why you shouldn’t get this stuff on your braking surfaces- Once applied the treated surface is exceptionally slippery and has a brilliant polished feel. Not only does this feel great, it will prevent future dirt from sticking to the bike as much, making future cleaning quicker and easier too. One other possible application could be for timetrial bikes – this stuff is so slippery it may well increase aerodynamic advantage…!

So all in all, if you take pride in your ride, you like the smell of bubblegum, and you want to make cleaning less of a chore in the future, you should look into getting yourself a tin of Silicon Shine.
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Muc-Off Foam Fresh

Nobody likes a smelly helmet. Think about it – you spend all summer sweating in your lid, then it just gets left in the shed until next time you go riding. Can anyone smell old football boots?

Foam Fresh is designed to clean and de-whiff pads inside helmets, particularly those which cannot be removed to wash, and it performs those duties admirably. It comes out the can just like hair mousse and you just smear it over the pads and leave it. After a while, wipe off the excess and leave to dry. Simple as that. The result is a welcome change as a pleasant, subtle fragrance replaces the musty smell of last summer. You can also use Foam Fresh on body armour, or basically anything you can’t fit in the washing machine. And let’s face it, if like me you spent a week last year sitting in a bubble lift in the French summer sunshine between downhill runs, a little freshness in that armour is something we can all appreciate…
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Muc-Off Dirty Work Wipes

Following an evening’s tinkering with your pride and joy, most hand soaps just don’t cut the mustard when it comes to removing grease and grime from your hands quickly and easily. Muc-Off have tackled this problem with their Dirty Work Wipes – like a tough jay-cloth covered in small exfoliating beads and soaked in a magic cleaning fluid, they certainly do a fine job of scrubbing ground-in oil and muck off your hands. Remarkably for something so effective at shifting grime, there is virtually no odour and the chemicals involved are also kind to your hands. People who are familiar with Muc-Off Pink cleaning fluid will understand the almost magical cleaning properties it has, and I suspect these wipes contain similar stuff.

They can also be used to clean metal so they’re perfect for small jobs on the bike, or if you like to remove and clean parts individually. Similarly workshop tools come up clean and shining, as do car engine parts if you’re that way inclined.

One use I found for them was cleaning saddles and grips. I have a fondness for these items to be white on my bike, which on the face of it is pretty stupid given the muddy abuse they get, but even a textured white saddle with day-old ground-in mud came up beautifully when given the once over with these beaded wipes.

The long and short of it – as a hand cleaner these wipes are brilliant, and for smaller jobs they handle muck with ease while remaining kind to your skin and saving you from ruining the kitchen towel. A great little addition to any toolbox.

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