This month’s customer review was written by Ben Auty on the Fibreflare Rear Light Review, and as usual, he is entitled to the £250 voucher.

Don’t believe what you read these are BRIGHT … They are perfect in dark conditions … Help you be seen 2 fold, and here is why, A) They are a pillar of light, I have 2, one attached to each down tube of the bike and they are very effective there. B) They are not your usual LED blinkers that die a death after a little while, these are long tubes of fibre optic and they are definitely noticeable from a distance. Drivers will most certainly be paying attention to you because they will be curious as to what is ahead of them with the odd shaped flashing. Very high quality product, very easy to fix and attach, parts supplied are perfect, very high quality. Instructions are easy to use, I would certainly recommend these to get on your bike, be seen at night, buy these lights!

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