This month’s customer review was written by Sam Dahl on the Fuji Classic Track Steel SS bike, and as usual, he is entitled to the £250 voucher.

I’ve always been into bikes, BMXs in my teens, and downhill mountain biking currently, but moving to the city centre meant it was about time to delve into the world of cycling for practical reasons (commuting etc). I wanted something sturdy, fast, and low maintenance, that also looked the dogs. So single speed seemed the way to go. After reading various reviews, and not wanting a super trendy, brightly coloured, deep rimmed ‘fixie’ I decided to go for the Fuji track classic in black. (I have now put a 60mm stem, low risers, and a freewheel on it. I prefer the higher riding position for zipping round the city centre (and I don’t fancy riding fixed, although may try it out some time) I think I would find it hard to find a bike more fun for bombing round the city. The steel frame feels zingy and agile, yet very sturdy. Its black, with very few decals, so doesn’t look too eye catching or nickable. Understated I would say…. As these types of bike go I realise its not that light, but to someone who is used to riding BMX and Mountain bikes, this feels feather weight, and cuts through the roads like a hot knife through butter. Ive read the wheels/tyres are not so good, however they are standing up to punishment fine so far, I’ve been flying around in torrential rain, down cobbled streets etc, and all is well touch wood. It also rides extremely smooth and is almost silent, even with a freewheel. Mega stealth. Having seen and ridden the current super trendy fixies with deep rims etc that you can get from online and from urban outfitters etc for £3-400, I would strongly recommend this bike. The build/component quality feels much higher in the fuji, it is a highly respected entry level track bike, and is rightly renowned for making a great singlespeed/fixed streetbike. May not be everyones cup of tea, but if you like tight geometry, understated but quality looks, and a smooth, tight, highly responsive ride, then go for it….

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