In our ongoing mission to get more customers trying and rating product, this year we are providing a selection of bikes to be reviewed over time.  Here David Harmes shares with us his impressions of this Fuji Team 2.0 road bike:

I started the year after four virtually bike-free months. So with basic fitness at an all time low I collected the Fuji Team 2.0 in January, determined to give it a good trial, and to improve fitness.

I’ve now ridden over 1,000 miles on it. A mixture of commuting (17 mile round trip with climbs over the North Downs), longer weekend rides, and in weather ranging from dry sunny days, to days where the lanes were awash with running water, mud, and gravel.

With both easy and hard rides, and with many of the roads suitable for Paris–Roubaix training, the Fuji has been getting a good workout.

Problems have been few and of no great consequence:

  • After about 200 miles the bike developed an annoying creaking noise when pushing hard.  By a process of elimination (it wasn’t my legs!), I eventually found this was caused by slight play in the headset.
  • With many miles of gritty, muddy roads, I was not surprised to find a flat tyre one morning, but this was actually caused by a flaw in the tube.
  • About 400 miles on, the rear derailleur started brushing the spokes when in the lowest gear. A visit to Evans in Guildford for their post-sales service identified a bent gear hanger, which they replaced. I’ve not crashed, and the bike hasn’t fallen over, so I can only assume the hanger had suffered from regular hammering over poor roads.

I have three very minor niggles:

  • The white saddle became grubby almost immediately, and has resisted all attempts to return it to its original whiteness.
  • With a front light fitted on the bars, the light reflects off the white STI cable which runs across the beam.
  • I’m not sure about the choice of slick tyres. Good grip in the dry, but I’ve had a couple of white-knuckle moments descending a local hairpin when damp.

So far, I cannot really fault the Team 2.0. Obviously there are lighter and faster bikes, but they inevitably come with a higher price-tag. My Italian bike does feel more lively and purposeful, but the Team 2.0 will quietly do whatever is asked of it. It’s a reassuring ride!

Looking to show the sportive/racer capability of the Team 2.0, I will be riding the “King of the Downs” sportive in May, followed by a few more sportives during the summer. Racing will have to wait until my pace improves!