This month’s customer review was written by Tim Benson on the Garmin 800 Enduro Pack, and as usual, he is entitled to the £250 voucher.

My first question on thinking of buying this system was. Why spend £450 when my iphone can do the same job nearly for free. On the first look it may seem that a free navigation and or Health & Fitness App could do the trick. However on investigation it showed that this system was very sophisticated and offered a huge lot more. If you just want to find the odd direction or measure your speed or journey times there are now free ways to do this via the smartphone. If though you wish to record in meticulous detail your journeys and or training programme this is more probably for you. You are not only buying this gadget but buying into the very sophisticated software in Garmin Connect and Garmin Basecamp. These improve your experience to a much higher level. The map included is excellent Ordnance Survey and giving total UK coverage to a high degree of detail. The unit itself is easy to get started in fact almost straight from the box. The GPS signals read speed distance etc so no need for complicated setting up to a particular bike. The Unit fits to the stem or bar is second and an extra bracket is in the box if you have more than one bike. The unit can save details of 3 bikes. The screen is very readable and can be set for different weather conditions. Like most displays it doesn’t like very bright sunlight but is still readable. After charging the Unit you can be ready to go in moment however because of the sophistication of the system it takes a couple of days to absorb and then implicate all the options. Each hour brings another pleasant surprise as you realise what this machine can achieve. For someone wanting to seriously explore any area on tour. (Extra maps are available covering the whole world) Or for someone wishing to implement a very detailed training programme or share your information with friends or team members this is a must. I am not a techie but had no problem setting up my system and the day to day operation is very intuitive. Yes, and it does work with your winter gloves on. Unlike your iphone!

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