We invited serious triathlete Ron Evans to write a quick review of the new Garmin Forerunner 610.

Having previously used the Garmin 202 and now converted to the new 610 Forerunner. Appearance is much better and fits the smaller wrists unlike the 202 which is a little on the large side. Strap is great giving wide range of fitting and would be suitable for the smaller / female wrist upwards.
Quick set up and simple data transfer makes it easier to use the data to review how training is going. I had previously used a separate heart rate monitor but never really analysed heart rate v performance….it was either a pace session or working on heart rate.
The high resolution display is clear and the touch screen is sensitive enough that you can even use it wearing gloves. The interface is smooth and enables you to quickly switch between modes during the session particularly when doing reps. The virbration as well as audible warning is a great function and ensures you know when it’s your Garmin if you’re in a group.
The 610 is a great training asset and perfect for the information hungry with all the features of the Garmin Connect website available for uploading and analysing data. The virtual Racer was good fun and gave another goal in training, giving you a real-life on-screen pacer. You can either choose one of the preloaded Virtual Races or utilize previous data that yourself and others have uploaded to the Garmin Connect site.
All in all a great winter training aid and I’m sure it will be just as useful in season for analyzing races and collecting valuable data here.