This month’s customer review was written by Robert Collins on the MKS Prime Sylvan Track pedal, and as usual, he is entitled to the £250 voucher.

I bought these pedals to replace those fitted to my Plug Grinder. They have proved an excellent choice.
The quality is obvious from the moment they are unwrapped, solid as though made from a single piece of high quality alloy. The anodising- a deep and gorgeous red on mine- feels as though it goes right through the metal rather than being simply a thin skin. Generally I avoid anodised products on the grounds that after a few months wear they look tatty, but I very much doubt that will happen with these.

The bearings were slightly tight at first and a little “gritty”. I had expected this from the experiece of other reviewers but, from the outset they turned smoothly.After a few miles the grittiness has disappeared and now they are just smooth and solid. Altogether the improvenment from the standard pedals on the Grinder has been huge.
If you are not used to track pedals these may not be confortable in thin soled shoes. I don’t have a problem but riders wearing baseball shoes doing high mileages might. These are after all track-pedals based on (and dare I say it as good as)the classic Campagnolo Pistas. I wouldn’t use them to cross continents.
A big plus point is the fact that they can be fitted using an allen key or a pedal spanner.

From my point of view a negaitve is that they dont seem to come in a plain rather than anodised finish but that said the anodising is great quality and the colour rich and deep rather than flashy. They are not particularly light but if you are into featherweight components they wouldn’t be anywhere near your shopping list.
These pedals are the best of high end Japanese manufacturing. Solid, beautiful to look at and completely functional. They are certainly not expensive for what they are. If you are building up a classicly styled fixed-wheel bike these are as good as it gets.

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