This post is from Stu, bike buyer and BMX fanatic at Evans Cycles.. 


I don’t ever get a chance to ride the complete bikes we sell at Evans, but this March I had an opportunity to get out and have a play on one of the top end Mongoose completes we stock. I didn’t actually know I was going to be riding at all as I had flown out to Taiwan on business with CSG, the UK distributor for Mongoose and other top brands such as WTP and éclat, but when you’re the other side of the world and someone tells you there’s a bike to play on, and conveniently a massive park nearby once used in the Asian X-Games… don’t say no.

When it comes to my bike I have pretty much always ridden a similar set up, 2 pegs, single cable brake, metal pedals etc etc, so when I was presented with a brakeless, pegless, plastic pedalled £470 complete I have to say I was a little uninspired. None the less I set the bike up as close as I could to my steed and headed off to the park, straight away I started to realise this bike has got a lot of potential, good weight, the bars were not too small and the wheels felt super smooth. I had a 15min ride to the park from the CSG head office which was where I really started to have some fun on the bike. Taichung, the city I was staying in is a pretty crazy place, if you don’t have taxis beeping at you then you’re surrounded by thousands of nut job moped riders that all seem to lack any sort of road sense, but hammering through the traffic was awesome and I eventually made it to this amazing looking park!

This park was ridiculous, every quarter was huge, and generally topped off with a 10ft high sub box, the spine was close to 7ft tall and everything was on the gnarly side! I usually ride in a lid so arriving at the park on a bike I had never ridden before was a little daunting to say the least, but it was super hot and sunny, the park was empty and I had a free afternoon to get used to it all. I was pretty taken back by just how good this Mongoose was though, it had all the standard specs you come to expect off a bike at this price point, 25-9 gearing, sealed mid bb, internal headset, pivotal seat , a few branded parts thrown in to the mix like a set of Odyssey path tyres, but it was the way the whole bike rode which was what I was most impressed with. The last time I rode a stock complete bike was my Huffy *69 about 12 years ago, which wasn’t exactly the most dialled of set-ups, so to get on this and ride pretty close to how I would on my bike back at home was awesome, ok I am a bit of a table and turndown kind of guy, but hey they’re the best tricks in the game……..the bike just flowed and popped around the park, it felt super stable in the air, didn’t rattle, the wheels stayed true even though I did have a few big hang ups trying to get used to the park. This is the same frame that Paul Ryan and other top Mongoose riders are running, so you know it’s up to the job.

There are a lot of brands out there with bikes at this price point, and I am sure a lot of them all ride just as dialled as this bike, but I know the Mongoose often gets overlooked and it shouldn’t, they have been making bikes for longer than most brands out there and they definitely know what they’re doing. I snapped a few shots at the park and I think you have to agree, apart from the slightly questionable colour pedals that I stuck on there (that was the only pair in the building) the bike looks like a ride you would be proud to go and rip about on at your local park. The Mongoose Fraction is in stock and ready to shred. Thanks to CSG for the hook up!