The Neon models are essentially flat barred road bikes, combining all the speed and efficiency of a traditional dropbar road bike with a flat handle for a slightly raised, upright riding position which is perfect for inner city environments. Light (all models come in well under 24lbs) and stiff, the Neon’s are the without doubt the fastest way to urban environments [pinnacle-060].

Neon One Men’s - £399.99srp

The Neon One model can be summed up as simplicity defined. The single 42T chainring up front paired up to the wide range 14-28T 7sp Shimano freewheel gives you just enough gears for an urban environment but is also reflected in the price (£399) meaning you’re not having to pay a premium for a number of gears you’re never likely to need/use. There are also mechanical/maintenance benefits with the chain running an optimized, straighter chainline (compared to a triple ring setup).

Mini V-Brakes (as found on the Neon One) not only offer powerful, confident stopping power but all have the added bonus of giving plentiful tyre clearance should you decide to go to a larger volume, or even CX knobblies for towpath action – flatbar CX bike?

The Neon One Women’s model gets a slightly dropped toptube for increased standover clearance, female specific saddle and shorter crankarms, handlebars and stem for a more comfortable fit.

The combination of flatbar on a typical road geometry frame also means a little more flexibility in regards to spec so you’ll find disc brakes specced on both the Neon Two(Tektro Novelo 160mm cable-pull) l and Neon Three (Tektro Auriga SUB 160mm hydraulic) models for supreme all-weather stopping power.

The Neon Two comes in a men’s geometry only and gets a Shimano Altus/2300 8sp drivetrain, Tektro Auriga 160mm cable-pull mechanical disc brakes and Alex TD17 disc-specific rims with no machined braking surface for a stealthy look.

All Neon models come with ample clearance for full length mudguards and eyelets front and rear making them the ideal option for everday UK commuting duties. There’s also pannier rack mounts on the back meaning they can easily morph into a load carrier. On the Neon Two and Three models (which come with disc brakes), we’ve cleverly mounted the caliper in between the seat and chainstay to ensure said rear mudgurard and pannier rack don’t need any sort of mechanical bodges or spacers to ensure a good fit.

The grips that come as standard on all Neon models are also a little different and worthy of a mention too; a cross between a conventional flat bar grip but wrapped with traditional bartape, it signifies nicely the thinking and ethos behind the models.

The Shimano 28-38-48T triple chainset combined with the 12-25T cassette on the Neon Two should ensure a wide range of gears to prevent you spinning out on faster road sections, whilst be able to conquer any hill with ease.

The flagship Neon Three comes equipped with a Shimano Sora/Tiagra 9sp drivetrain, an FSA Tempo compact 34/50T chainset (not the triple as pictured) and Tektro Auriga SUB 160mm hydraulic brake calipers with sleek three-finger levers to help ensure it stops just as quickly as it accelerates.

Our pre-production sample Neon Three came with an FSA Tempo triple chainset. Production bikes will come with a 50/34T compact double. Rest assured the same stunning polished shiny finish will be the same!

Security QR skewers come specced as standard on all the Neon models. Quick, easy to use and remarkably effective they should go some way to help in ensuring your wheels don’t go walkies if you find yourself in a situation whereby you’re unable to secure both wheels. Simply unscrew the removable flip lever and the wheel is relatively immovable…

…screw the flip lever back into the QR and the whole thing becomes fully operational once more.