This month’s customer review was written by Marcus Tillbrook on the Norco Indie Drop 2 road bike, and as usual, he is entitled to the £250 voucher.

After thinking I’d chosen a “keeper” – hub gears, drum brakes, colour matched mudguards (tart) and finally set up just how I liked it, the frame snapped on my daily ride! I was gutted and it was looking like i’d just have to scrap my old bike and stump up for a new one. But thanks to Alan at the Manchester (Deansgate) shop, two weeks ago I was able to pick up the Norco Indie drop as a replacement. I am really chuffed with it! I took a chance and went for a road bike, most of my riding now is my daily commute, plus a few social rides and i’ve got an old mountain bike for anything more roughstuff. But, I wanted a steel frame and this fitted the bill perfectly, within budget, steel frame, good reliable build and disc brakes as a bonus. Because of the steel frame and forks, and the burly build it’s quite heavy, especially if you are used to a featherweight road bike, but I’m hoping it will last for a good few years. And it is so comfortable, I’d say it’s more compliant than my mountain bike and really smoothes out our rough, neglected, British roads even with the original 28mm tyres. I swapped them out for 32′s to try and get a little bit more comfort without loosing too much speed (it’s surprisingly fast considering it’s weight) and I might invest in some flared drop bars at some point. But for now I’m just enjoying it as it is. What a crackin’ bike (not literally, I hope!)

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