It all started with an open letter by Jemma Leahy, in which she made fair points on the under-representation of women in our catalogues. We invited to Jemma our head office and she gave us some useful feedback about our catalogue. We asked her to test ride the all new Pinnacle Californium bike for us. This is her review of the bike:

You may not have recognised me cycling around London over the weekend for I have undergone a magical bicycle transformation! I have been given the pleasure of testing out the new Pinnacle Californium bicycle from Evans Cycles (Oh don’t you know? We have made up now!). Who could turn down cycling this beautiful, red bicycle?

Check at the big basket
Straight after I collected the bicycle I got outside the shop and two women stopped and swooned at it. After our collective swooning and mutual appreciation for the shininess of the bike, I took it straight out for a spin to see what she was made of, or rather I should say I took her for a cruise – because riding this bicycle is like cruising along a road of butter, smooth and sumptuous! The upright position of the frame feels like I have a front row seat of the mean streets of London (best show in town!). You just sit back and grip onto to the lovely wide dutch style handlebars and watch the town/city/countryside pass you by.

In post-box red, the bicycle has 3 hub gears which is enough for me for I am no drug-taking-Tour-de-France rider, oh no not me! The first gear is perfect for city hills proven by my success at cycling to the top of Alexandra Palace.

Maybe it’s because I’m used to a clunky 1980’s bicycle which is slowing disintegrating with every ride, because this bicycle feels like pure comfort, so much so that I have renamed her the DREAM BOAT. Yes, The Dream boat and I are so happy with our companionship that I have been riding around and around and around in circles on her ever since, in fact, I am writing this post whilst going round and round. Please see video below for evidence and a full view of the bicycle (turn up the volume!):

So far there have been no qualms with the way she rides, but the real question is, will the dream boat stand up to my daily commute? I’ll keep you posted….

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