The new kid on the block in terms of computerised training partners, the MotoACTV is brushing shoulders with the likes of Polar and Garmin, but brings to the table its own all singing, all dancing features.

Capable of syncing a playlist with your workout, this new high flier in the fitness industry fuses sport with music for the ultimate boost in motivation.

The MotoACTV lets you pedal to your own tunes as well as being an all in one GPS touch screen cycling computer which records speed, distance, and calories burnt. The wireless WI-FI, GPS and Bluetooth connection makes for quick data transfer and android capability means updates are constant so you won’t be behind the times as technology progresses.

The unit is ANT+ compatible so will work with a heart rate monitor and any power devices you use, and Motorola are launching their own headphones with heart-rate monitor to boot so you won’t need a chest strap.

This revolutionary training system is designed to help athletes push to their limits and training sessions are available from coach to the pros, Chris Carmichael, who will guide you through a workout.

For those who are always on call, you can sync the device with a Motorola Android phone and receive calls and text message alerts throughout your training. 

Not likely to forget appearance, Motorola have come up with a lightweight model with a dash of style to boot, and you know it will be safe with a rain and scratch resistant, sweat proof cornering gorilla glass cover.

Our staff reviewer, Ben Mills, tested the product for three weeks and gave us the lowdown on his experience.

Staff reviewer, Ben Mills

 “As soon as you open the box you’re aware that this is a really nice bit of well-designed kit. Upon turning it on the interface is slick and to find it touch screen is a real treat and there are short cut keys located around the body.

“You have the choice of either a very robust watch strap or a clip you can attach to your clothes, with the add-on option of a bike mount. Once you set up WiFi connection and an account on the MotoACTV website you are good to go!

“If you choose to wear the headphones and use the personal trainers then you have the company of a voice letting you know how you are doing and providing feedback. The headphones come with a special ear bud so you can hear the road around you as you ride just as well.  As you clock up the miles you may even hear a personal best being set or a goal to reach!

“I did like the display which shows stats as you ride (or run), with varied view set ups available. Once you complete your ride (or other workout) your data is uploaded to the website where you can view all your stats, which is great <extra comment>.

“As a music lover, I was really impressed with how the music that got your heart rate at its best is collated and then you get a mix of the songs that get you really sweating! Though bear in mind that your morning ride may well be a selection of heavy metal (should you share my inclination). The power track option is another great feature when you need that little extra motivation to help push on through.

“What you get in the box is just the tip of the iceberg, the add ons for cadence sensor and heart rate monitor start to make you realise that this is truly a special bit of kit indeed. Though I tested this as is I feel that I only scratched the surface and really with time this unit would be an indispensable training aid!”

Watch BMC’s George Hincapie as he explains what’s so great about MotoACTV and browse products online.