Around December time I was looking to purchase a new frame. My last one had served me well but it was time to move on to something new. There were many new frames out on the market at that time so the decision took a while but I ended up the happy owner of a brand new Fit Benny L Frame.

Fit Benny L Review

The Benny L is the signature frame of Fit UK Pro and Liverpool based shredder Ben Lewis. This is defiantly not your average frame; for starters it’s made in the good old US of A at S&M Bikes in California so you know its going to be built to a very high standard. Secondly the frame has some very unique angles, so it’s not just another frame with the same specs as 10 others with a different name badge; the Benny L is very unique. It features a 75.5 degree headtube angle which makes front end tricks like nose wheelies and hangs 5s much easier to get into, and also an incredibly short 13 Inch backend which is designed to give you more pop on hops and 360s. The Benny L weighs about 4.3lbs which makes it in the lighter category of frames out there today, however I knew strength was something this frame was built for and didn’t fear the change in weight from my previous steed. Needless to say this frame was very different from my last.

First impressions

Straight out of the box the Benny L looks like it can take some abuse with its dual gusseted headtube, gloss black paint job and minimal graphics. Ben wanted to keep his frame strong, simple and affordable with it being made in the USA, and at a hair under £325 it’s actually cheaper than some Taiwanese made frames. The frame’s graphics are inspired by Ben’s home town of Liverpool and reflect his favourite football team. I’m not a huge football fan so I wasn’t too fussed by the graphics, but don’t let that put you off if you support a rival team, their only stickers! From the first ride I could defiantly feel a dramatic change in geometry from my last frame. The shorter backend made 360s and spins come round much easier and I’m sure I could hop higher than on my last frame. I was at first worried that the geometry would be too “twitchy” and not stable at speed but contrary to that the bike felt comfortable whether is was nibbling on a grind ledge or flowing the jump box and quarters at my local skatepark. I eventually adjusted to the frame and begun riding it as much as I could through the harsh winter that was approaching.

3 months on

During the 3 months of riding the Benny L I got to test it out on a variety of setups, spots and types of riding. From late night flatland sessions at my local multi story, jumping big gaps to flat, to blasting concrete bowls in London, the Benny L has served me well. It has suffered the expected scratches and war wounds that the occasionally messed up rail or street ride will bring, but the frame remains as solid as it did the day I built it up. I’m now so used to the frames unique geometry that riding any other frame seems alien to me, so I think ill be on this bad boy for a while. One thing I did notice is that the short backend can occasionally surprise you on manuals and icepicks, so be prepared to loop out on either at some point. Other than that, the frame is super easy to adjust to and a blast to ride the second it’s built up.
Fit Benny L Review

I couldn’t be any happier with the Benny L. Fit have managed to make a frame which is a perfect match between, weight, strength and geometry, Its no surprise that most the Fit UK Team ride it. With its very street orientated geometry this frame may not be for everyone so it’s worth looking into exactly the kind of angles you want before making a decision, but if you’re looking for a strong, quality American made frame with very reactive geometry the Benny L is defiantly the frame for you!
Fit Benny L review