Last month at the Interbike Show in Las Vegas, Quintana Roo’s design team lifted the wraps on a new prototype they’d been working on – Project ‘Illicito’. Still very much in its development stage and not at this point confirmed or not for production, the design is radically different to anything ever seen before in the Triathlon market.

Loosely based on QR’s current flagship CD0.1, with the obvious exception of the missing non-driveside seatstay, Project Illicito is a future glimpse at a no-holds barred, UCI-illegal design which underpins Quintana Roo’s stance as a 100% focused Triathlon company.
The frame design largely centers around Quintana Roo’s logical ‘Shift Technology’ concept, in which the airflow from the front wheel is redirected and forced to travel around the ‘cleaner’ non-driveside – the driveside is considered ‘dirty’ and the less aerodynamic of the two largely down to the location of the chainrings. The main way in which this is achieved is by utilizing Quintana Roo’s 18mm offset downtube.

The Illicito takes this Shift Technology theory once step further, completely removing the seatstay and cleaning up the non-driveside airflow trajectory. To help offset the effect of removing the seatseat and retain the same levels of stiffness and stability the chainstay has been beefed up substantially and a new carbon-fibre layup has been implemented. The result? One seriously quick bike!