Here at Evans Cycles we want to be able to involve our customers more in the products we sell, and help you make a more informed choice. We already feature your reviews on the main site, but here on the blog we want to highlight our top reviewers and give more customers a chance to review products.

With such a large product range we rely on our customers and staff to try out all our products and then post reviews for others to make informed decisions on what products to use. This is why we would like to introduce Ride it and Rate it!

Ride it and rate it means we send out FREE product to customers to test and get their honest opinion on products we stock. Our suppliers have come to the party with their newest kit to dish out to those that are regular riders and great reviewers.

We are aiming to have a panel of riders from all aspects and levels of cycling and every 3 months we will give you free product to review.

If you would like to be part of this simply reply to this post telling us about a review you have already posted on the website and what sort of riding you are doing. We will then choose the best reviews and contact you to join the team!

To get a feel for what we are after here is a review from Gavin who is one of our customers and member of the current Ride It and Rate It panel. We sent Gavin out a Specialized S-Works helmet (and various other kit), here is what he had to say:

The Specialized S Works in all its carbon glory!

”So comfortable you might forget you’re even wearing it!

Helmets are generally a grudge purchase. Most people will hesitate before spending over £100 on something they hope they never have to use, but when the worst happens and you suddenly get a very close view of the road surface, it might just be the best money you ever spent.

My dedication to writing this review, perhaps understandably, hasn’t extended to deliberately throwing myself on my head to see whether it keeps me safe as it ought, but the rigid carbon reinforced structure of the helmet gives me a higher degree of confidence than a simple polystyrene shell product might, and the snug fitting, easily adjusted cradle prevents any unwanted movement on the head while riding.

One of the typical drawbacks of putting anything on top of your head during exercise is the reduction in airflow leading to discomfort from overheating and perspiration. Specialized have clearly worked hard to try to overcome these issues as the S-Works is to helmets what Swiss cheese is to, well, cheese. The numerous vents keep your head really well ventilated and are large enough to be able to address those long-ride itches. The internal padding is removable and washable , and two sets of pads are provided to allow the user to arrange the internal cushioning to suit them. The chin straps are made from thin, soft webbing, and like the rear cradle, are easily adjusted for best fit and comfort.

With a claimed weight of 199 grammes (mine tipped the kitchen scales at a still-not-so-hefty 210g), the S-Works helmet is featherlight and super-comfortable. In fact, when properly adjusted, it’s so unobtrusive you may well find you don’t even remember to take it off at the café stop! It comes with a protective bag to keep it in good condition in transit, and a removable plastic visor which attaches easily to the front lip.

In terms of styling, the helmet is attractive but understated – what stands out are the carbon reveals and the generous vents. Until the day that you find you have to rely on its primary function, you might well be the only person who doesn’t notice you’re wearing it. Long may it remain that way.”

Great review Gavin and just what we are after!

Remember, if you would like to be a part of the Ride it and Rate it team,  please reply to this post below and tell us about a review you have already posted on the site and what sort of riding you are doing. We will then choose the best reviewers and contact you to join the team!