Here’s a review from Gavin, one of our Ride it and Rate it! panel.  For those that don’t know Ride it! and Rate it! it is a panel of our customers and staff that try out some of our products and then post reviews for others to make informed decisions on what products to use.  We send out FREE product to customers to test and get their honest opinion on products we stock. Our suppliers have come to the party with their newest kit to dish out to those that are regular riders and great reviewers.

Gavin in full flight

Gavin hails from Yorkshire and is regularly out on his road and TT bikes when his wife and kids permit!  His riding going into winter mainly consists of a weekly club run and two or three 10-15 mile commutes.  We sent Gavin the Altura transfromer jacket to see what he thought, heres what he had to say.

Altura transformer jacket

Altura transfomer jacket

Versatile windproof shell with a neat party trick

In our changeable climate, deciding what to wear when you leave the house can have far-reaching implications for the comfort and quality of your ride. With the aptly named Transformer jacket, Altura have come up with a technical cycling top that transforms from long to short sleeved and vice versa, at the pull of a zip.

The transformer is a soft – shell short / long sleeved jacket with a full length zip, three rear pockets plus a zippered key / money pocket. Breathable and lightweight, it’s a versatile top that might just solve some of your wardrobe quandaries.

In long-sleeved mode, it’s comfortable and breathable, with well – positioned reflective decals running down the front and side of the upper arms and elasticated cuffs. The removable sleeves, which are joined by a yoke across the shoulders, overlap sufficiently with the fabric beneath that no wind or moisture creeps in around the shoulder joins. The neckline is also high to prevent any unwanted draughts sneaking in higher up. The shell stands up well to showers, but in persistent rain you will need something more waterproof, however it’s also quick to dry and doesn’t lose its wind resistance if you do get caught out in the rain.

With the sleeves removed, which can be done without removing the top itself (although probably not while cycling!), the jacket retains its windproof core but exposes the short sleeves beneath, which are made from a lightweight wicking fabric but not windproof. It’s a good compromise for a day when the long sleeves might be too warm but you still want some protection from the wind, meaning it can be worn against the skin.

Despite being breathable, you might find the jacket a bit too warm in the Summer, and in the Winter you’re unlikely to want to remove the sleeves, but for the seasons in between, the Transformer jacket fits a gap in the market, and might well become one of your favourite bits of clothing.

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