Here’s a review from David, one of our Ride it and Rate it! panel.  For those that don’t know Ride it! and Rate it! it is a panel of our customers and staff that try out some of our products and then post reviews for others to make informed decisions on what products to use.  We send out FREE product to customers to test and get their honest opinion on products we stock. Our suppliers have come to the party with their newest kit to dish out to those that are regular riders and great reviewers.

Heres Davids riding bio: “I am 62 (mental age 22). I am an experienced cyclist, having returned to cycling a few years ago. In my youth I was a gold standard time triallist over 10, 25, and 50 miles, and top sprinter in the Kent Grass Track League. Now living in the middle of the Surrey Hills, my cycling is currently focussed on mtb cross-country, but my plan is to return to the tarmac fairly soon, possibly for classic time trials, and probably some sportives.”  We gave David the Endura FS260 pro jetstream jersey to test out, heres what he thought:

Endura FS260 Pro Jetstream Jersey

The endura fs260 pro jetstream jersey

This is a remarkable hybrid of long-sleeved jersey and wind-jacket, and it has solved a particular problem that I have on my ride to work. Living in the middle of the North Downs, my commute starts with a long and fast descent on an open track. It is shortly followed by a long, very steep climb on a narrow sheltered track up to the North Downs Way. The problem is that on chilly mornings, the descent can be absolutely freezing, (not helpful when you are still trying to warm up), but the following climb can get very hot.

I first tried a wind-jacket over a short sleeved jersey. This was fine for the descent, but on the climb it was too hot, and even with the zip undone I was still getting a bit sticky. I then tried a short sleeved jersey over a long sleeved base-layer. This wasn’t warm enough on the descent, and although the wicking was better than the wind-jacket, it was still too warm for the climb.

David in the Endura fs260

The Jetstream, however, fits the bill perfectly. The wind-proof panels on the chest and front of the sleeves are amazingly effective at keeping the cold out on the descent, and the combination of full length zip and breathable fabric at the back and sides allow reasonable cooling on the climb. The jersey is a snug fit, so no flapping in the wind, the sleeves are a good length, and made on the curve, and the jersey is constructed so that it is comfortable in the riding position with no pulling under the arms.

This jersey is black with white print, and I felt strangely smart, almost formal, wearing it. This is a high quality, well designed jersey, ideal for the cooler days

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