Here’s a couple of reviews from Andy, one of our Ride it and Rate it! panel.  For those that don’t know Ride it! and Rate it! it is a panel of our customers and staff that try out some of our products and then post reviews for others to make informed decisions on what products to use.  We send out FREE product to customers to test and get their honest opinion on products we stock. Our suppliers have come to the party with their newest kit to dish out to those that are regular riders and great reviewers.

Andy is 27 and lives in the Heathrow area.  He has has  been cycling for about 5 years and mostly enjoys cycling off road either on trails or XC.  Heres what he had to say on the Giro Athlon helmet and Rudy Project Rydon glasses we sent him for testing.



Andy shows off the goods!


Giro Athlon Helmet

Giro Athlon Helmet

This is a nice, comfortable helmet. This is the first Giro helmet I have used and I am pleasantly surprised. I usually pick Specialised helmets but I preferred the price and the styling of the Athlon. The helmet is not too heavy, has plenty of vents to allow a decent amount of ventilation. It also has a good number of adjustment points to allow a perfect fit on most shaped heads! It has a removable visor which helps keep the rain out of your eyes and it quite useful at shading the sun in better weather. This is a solid performer and is great value for money.

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Rudy Project Glasses

Rudy Project Rydon glasses

The first thing you notice about these glasses when you take them out of the box is they come with a great, sturdy case. It is perfect for keeping your glasses safe and scratch free. They also have space for some additional lenses if you have them. The glasses are extremely adjustable, everything from the nose pieces to the ear pieces. You can bend the arms in most directions and they will hold their shape so you can shape them to your head and they will stick like glue! I found this to be extremely comfortable in contrast to other glasses I have used in the past. The best part of these glasses are the lenses, they really do make these glasses stand out from the rest. They are photo-chromatic which means that they adjust automatically based on how sunny it is, this makes these glasses suitable for riding all year round. It takes about 15-20 seconds for the lenses to go from clear to their darkest level, most of the time you don’t notice they have changes until you take them off and realise they are black! Yes, these are expensive glasses but you definitely get what you pay for, fantastically comfortable glasses that are suitable in all riding conditions!

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