With so much variety available in clothing brands and style, it’s sometimes hard to know what you should add to your wardrobe next. Online merchandiser Lydia  had the opportunity to test out a full set of kit from Gore Bike Wear – here’s what she thought…

Gore Bike Wear have a brand new range of clothing so I decided to try it out on my next ride. First, I asked a Gore representative to tell me a little bit about their new Power range:

“The Power range from Gore Bike Wear is a new outfit that has been designed for the mid-distance road cyclist. The range consists of Gore’s lightest, most breathable Gore-Tex Active jackets, Windstopper Soft Shell jackets and Gore’s Thermo bib-tights and jerseys to keep you warm during cooler winter rides. Reflective graphics have been added in key areas to enhance visibility along with new detailing to bring the outfit together. This outfit is designed for rides between 2-4 hours in length and will see you safely through the autumn/winter season.”

The weather has been pretty wet as of late, creating the perfect opportunity for me to really test the clothing to see how it performs in the autumnal weather.

I wore:


The full outfit from Gore

The baselayer is soft and stretchy.  It didn’t make me feel restricted over the bust but was still  tight enough to not be at all baggy in any way.  I have worn it now on a number of occasions and I can safely say it performed as it should, keeping me warm when it’s chilly.

Over my baselayer I wore the windstopper jacket. The performance is top of its game here, the fleece lining felt so snug and warm. After I’d warmed up and was riding harder I didn’t overheat. The rain fell, forming beads on the jacket that didn’t get absorbed, so getting caught in a shower wasn’t a worry.

I love the colours, the blue is nice and bright, and with reflective features you’ll be seen easily. I especially like the multi-coloured stripe design running along the hem of the jacket and sleeves, and if blue isn’t for you there are a range of other colours available.

The multi coloured stripes and reflective features are a nice touch

Everyone loves little extras, and I quite liked the surprise of finding a durable watertight plastic phone holder in one of the pockets, which helped my phone stay as dry as I was. The R.R.P of the jacket is £139.99, which for a high quality, comfortable, warm, water resistant jacket is, in my opinion, well worth investing in.

Bibtights are becoming more and more popular with women, I for one do not like wearing waist tights or shorts anymore. Bibs are so much more comfortable and flattering without a waistband to cut in at the stomach.

One potential issue women may face is going to the toilet when in bibtights/shorts but this is where I find Gore have a genius design exclusive to them! There are two zips on the back which when undone allow you to slip the bottom half down enough to use the toilet without having to wiggle out of the whole outfit. It works well and is so quick and easy making such a difference.

Gore Bike Wear Power Reflex Thermo Women’s Bibtights

The Power lady inserts are a comfortable padding, I was out for 2-3 hours and have no complaints. The Power Reflex Thermo bibtights+ are not the warmest bibs in the world but they are absolutely perfect for Autumn riding allowing good protection from the elements keeping you warm, without making you too hot and uncomfortable. The mesh insert on the back also helped keep me ventilated and the reflective logo and flash of neon on the front are a nice touch.

My hands and feet really suffer in the cold cold so something to keep them warm when I’m out riding is so important to me. The Gore Bike Wear Power SO lady gloves provide a thermo lining with windstopper protection. They feel slightly padded to give you enough warmth but are by no means bulky or awkward. These performed well and did keep my hands warm on a chilly day. As with most clothing it is always a good idea to try these on to get the best fit for you, I am usually a medium but think I could get away with a small in these. These gloves come in a range of colours for variety.


Whilst riding in the Gore Bike Wear Light Road Overshoe I did not notice my feet. Yes this sounds odd but it’s a good thing, it means they weren’t cold! Designed to be windproof, water resistant and abrasion resistant they gave me good protection from the chilly wind and rain I faced on my ride, no complaints, they did the job well and trust they will continue to do so throughout my Autumn riding.

All in all I’m really impressed with this new range from Gore Bike Wear, perfect for transitional weather, durable, high quality and loving the colour expansion Gore is providing! 5 stars!

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