Guest blogger Phoebe Doyle has reviewed the Specialized Small Fry Child Helmet for us. Phoebe Doyle blogs about parenting and education at

As my 5 year old daughter Rosie has recently become the mightily proud owner of a suitably pink and girly bike (the Molly Raleigh), apparently her unisex Winne The Pooh helmet will simply no longer cut it. She was delighted when we were given this Specialized Small Fry Child Helmet from Evans Cycles to review.

When I first got the helmet out of the box I will admit I felt it would be much too big for her. However I was instantly impressed by its sturdiness; compared to other’s I’ve seen which are flimsy in comparison. As I’m certainly what could be labeled as an ‘over-protective mother’ I felt confident this would protect her precious head should she fall.

Rosie was so excited by it so I was crossing everything that it would fit. We put it on and took it off to adjust accordingly, all of which was really simple and easy to get right, we did this a few times and it was perfect. With her old one she’d always complained that when it was tight enough for Over Protective Mother to be happy, it felt uncomfortable to her. This time though we were both happy as it was really tight and secure without feeling sore or rubbing her.

I feel really confident too that this utterly well-made helmet will see her through until she grows out of it and will even be durable enough to pass on to little cousins.

It’s suitable for 3 to 7 year olds and fits Rosie very comfortably. The purple and the flowers make it aesthetically pleasing, particularly for keen young female cyclists. It feels exceptionally sturdy and well-designed – perfect when you’ve got an over-anxious mother like Rosie has! Her old helmet was willingly given to her younger brother who, quite frankly doesn’t care much for aesthetics.