This month’s customer review was written by jalapenotom on the Specialized Tactic II Helmet road bike, and as usual, he is entitled to the £250 voucher.

This helmet probably saved my life. I know there must be a shedload of anecdotal reviews about helmets doing a great job protecting people’s noggins during a crash… and here’s another. I’d been meaning to review this helmet since I bought it, since it’s a great helmet. It’s lightweight, comfortable, uncomplicated, and brilliantly ventilated (the primary reason I bought it). The visor does its job, but doesn’t obstruct view. The chin strap actually feels comfortable, not like it’s about to garotte me. The vents work spectacularly (though my forehead always seems to get a bit sweaty no matter what when riding). And it’s green. Win. And then there’s the important bit. I came off my bike yesterday, a simple case of not noticing a large rock (duh!) that had been knocked into the cycle lane. I went flying off my bike, landed squarely on my head, and skidded about 5m down the tarmac. Looking at my (now retired) helmet, you probably wouldn’t guess it took the full force of the impact. The foam liner is cracked in about seven places (rather than my skull), the largest crack sitting just above my temple. The shell is completely intact, and is still holding the foam in place despite the cracks. I’m astounded that both it and my skull are still in one piece. Specialized have offered to replace it at a reduced price, which is pretty fine customer service in my book. Needless to say I like this helmet. I trust it to save my conk, and that’s all I really need out of a helmet.

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