To kick off the Blog from the BMX side of things we caught up with Dave Paterson and checked out his sweet United setup. Dave works on the web content in the Marketing Department and is based up at Head Office in Gatwick. He and a few other riders will be contributing towards much of the BMX content of the Blog such as Product Reviews, Rider Interviews, News, Videos, Bike Checks and much more!

Name: Dave Paterson

Age: 20

Height: 5ft 10

Location: Redhill, Surrey

BMX Bike Check

Frame: United Mothership 20.75’’ in You’ve been Tango’d Orange

Fork: WeThePeople Scorpio 10mm

Bars: Federal Ty High 8.5’’ (Uncut)

Stem: Cult Mind Control

Grips: ODI Longneck

Bar Ends: ODI Plastic

Headset: United Value

Seatpost: Season 135mm

Seat: United Trinity V3

Seat Clamp: Built into the frame

Cranks: Fly V3  175mm

Bottom Bracket: United?

Sprocket: Cult Member 25t

Chain: Shadow Half Link V2

Front Tire: Fit Bike Co FAF 2.3”

Front Wheel: Éclat Teck Front Hub built up to an Éclat Aero Rim 36h, stock spokes

Rear Tire: Fit Bike Co FAF 2.3”

Rear Wheel: WeThePeople Supreme Switch Cassette Hub 9t (Flipped to Left Side Drive) on a Éclat Aero Rim 36h, DT Swiss Champion spokes

Pedals: Odyssey JCPC (Awesome!)

Pegs: Full contingent of old United Squad Pegs (the larger ones)

Hub Guard: Battered old United Squad


I used to mess around with my bike for ages but nowadays everything comes just how I like it. I cut the Fork steerer down a lil bit and removed the paint off my dropouts so my wheel doesn’t slip. I also removed the pins out of one side on my JCPC’s for Luc-e/Levitator Grinds. Took a few links out of my chain to give the rear end a bit more pop, also boiled the grips when I got them, I hate brand new grips!

BMX Bike Check

Which parts do you go through the most?:

I don’t usually go through bike parts that regularly other than grips, I’m a grip monster! I must get through a pair every month, people say I hold on too tight! I have had some bad luck with stems recently, but the Cult Stem I have at the moment is holding up great.

BMX Bike Check

Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel…

Tall frame, Tall bars, Monster-Truck Tyres, 4 pegs and a decent seat and I’m good to go. I like my ride to look like a bike, not a micro-scooter……..

BMX Bike Check

Cult Mind Control Stem

Favouirte part of your bike?

The frame for sure, I’m really stoked on it. I like the taller stand-over and the ovalised tubing works a treat. I think there must be about 3 of us at Head Office all riding Motherships!

BMX Bike Check

Odi Long Neck Grips

What part are you most particular about or do you feel makes the biggest difference on your bike?

I ride a mix of street/skatepark and flatland so like my bike to be pretty sturdy, but at the same time I like my bike to be light and easy to manoeuvre. Just got some 8.5’’ Federal Ty Morrow bars, I’m very picky about bars, but these feel awesome. I tried the whole slammed seat thing but realised I actually need a seat for barspins. I like my wheels to be in good shape but I’m not that great at building or taking care of them so I get my buddy Luke Clifford (who is one of our Mail Order Bike Mechanics) to build them-up and keep em’ fresh.

BMX Bike Check

United Squad Hubguard

First “real” BMX bike?

It was a burgundy Redline RL240 with gold hubs, stem and seat clamp. Cost me £30 from the local newspaper, I was stoked!

BMX Bike Check

JCPC Pedals with pins removed one side

How important is it to you that your bike looks good?

I’m ashamed to say I take way too much pride in how my bike looks. If it gets wet or muddy I’m pretty sure you will be hearing me whine like a little girl about it!

BMX Bike Check

Monster 2.3" tyres!

How important is weight to you? Do you know how much this bike weighs?

I used to take more notice of my bike’s weight, but as ive started to be harder on my bike strength is way more important to me now. Besides most parts these days are pretty darn light anyway. At a guess is say about 23 – 24lbs?

We caught up with Dave down Reigate Skatepark after work. Despite recovering from a dislodged kneecap (ouch!) he still managed to fire out some photos for the blog. Get well soon mate!

BMX Bike Check

BMX Bike Check

Backwards Steam Roller link

BMX Bike Check

Photos by Sam Taylor