The Louis Garenau Course has been developed to provide the most aerodynamic helmet possible without compromising ventilation. Experts claim this piece of kit will save you 2mins40seconds when compared to a ‘normal’ helmet over a 25mile time trial, if the rider is travelling at 28mph. Of course, we might not all be averaging 28mph, but at slower speeds, you’ll still be gaining time on a rider in a standard lid.

Here, developers show us some of the testing process, and explain what makes this helmet so fast:

The helmet has been well received by testers, and got a 5/5 from They questioned the amazing 2min40 second time saving LG have claimed over a ‘normal’ helmet (though the lid has been tested with care in the wind tunnel) but said:

 ”Are those aero claims too good to be true? Maybe, and maybe not – unfortunately, we weren’t able to independently verify or refute the numbers in a wind tunnel. Even if the Course is only half that fast, though, the fact that you get free speed from a helmet that’s airy, fairly light, comfortable, and good looking – heck, there’s even a blinky rear light included – means the potential time savings are merely icing on an already tasty cake.”

See what you think for yourself – the Louis Garneau Course is available here.