In our ongoing mission to get more customers trying and rating product, this year we are providing a selection of bikes to be reviewed over time. Here Andy Connolly tells us his first impressions of the Trek FX 7.1 hybird bike:

I have been riding the Trek hybrid for about 6 weeks now and have clocked up approximately 300 miles. The bike is very comfortable and makes my commute much more enjoyable. Because I was using a full suspension bike previously I was not fussy about the conditions of the roads I used but now that I feel every bump I have adapted my route slightly to utilise smoother roads. I got extremely excited when I read signs stating that the worst road on my journey was being resurfaced one weekend!! It is now a real dream to ride on!

The gears still shift smoothly and without issue but I have not presented them with any hard challenges yet. I have not taken the bike on any extremely hilly or difficult journeys yet but have many planned now that spring is here.

The brakes are still a little frustrating, when wet the stopping distances really increase but I have put this down to lower quality pads. I will look towards getting new pads in the future but now that the better weather is here I am hoping that I will not see much rain!! I can dream can’t I??

I have also purchased a pannier so I can carry clothes easily to work, no more excuses to prevent me from cycling! This bike has convinced me that commuting regularly to work is achievable without being a chore.