This month’s customer review was written by Nigel Nash on the Trek Domane 4.3 road bike, and as usual, he is entitled to the £250 voucher.

I am very old – 57, but my experience with bikes has been full suspension mountain bikes in the last few years. The attraction of suspension is that firstly, big tyres and springs deal with the potholes, speed humps and curbs for getting around London or the single track of Bewl Water; and secondly they protect my weak and feeble body. However, discovering that I am to attempt the London 100, a road bike was needed.

The Domane frame has been designed to give some protection to the rider by allowing some vertical flex in the front forks and for the seat post and down tube to move independently of the frame. Now, I do not have the experience of other bikes to compare how well this works relative to other designs that are built with the rough roads of the Paris Roubaix in mind, but I can confirm it works. You can feel the seat post and down tube move to smooth bumps. The system is not going to deal with sharp hits as well as suspension but there is no doubt it is effective with little or no weight penalty and no apparent compromise in power transmission. Not that I am able to generate much in the way of power.

Evan’s at the Cut in Waterloo is a good place to buy a bike. They offered good friendly advice to a nervous novice. I had a test ride that involved fiddling around with allen keys to move the seat and handle bars to achieve a rough fit. They were willing to spend the time coaxing me through to a decision to buy. I found riding a road bike for the first time a very wobbly and unsettling experience. Moving from hydraulic discs and XT gear switch’s to the 105 road bike system takes some getting used to, but it all works.

After four months I have started to fiddle. New saddle (I found the stock Bontrager to be a bit of a pain after a couple of hours and have switched to a Selle Italia) new stem (moving the bars back) Phat Tape on the bars and Ultegra wheels. But there is nothing wrong with the original stuff.

I have ridden further and up steeper hills (the triple chain rings and 12-30 cassette help immensely) than I could possibly imagine.

So five stars from me and worth a look if you are looking from a bike designed to help you rather than punish you.

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