Rider Times


Wow what a weekend. Saturday was on par with last year but Sunday blew 2011 out of the water by about 200 riders and a total of just over 600. Obviously this caught us a little off guard, with 200 of these riders turning up on the day to enter, and I wanted to thank you for your patience at registration. I have talked to the school and arranged to have two halls next year so that it’s a bit easier to see where you are supposed to be signing on. We also had to go and buy the cake section of the local Morrisons and ship it to the drink station!
Roll on next year……

Thanks to everyone who came along to ride with us at our Biggin Hill Ride It! event, you can now download the rider times using the links below -

MTB Rider Times

Road Sportive Rider Times

Excel Results

One of the most common queries we get after the results are published is ‘Can I have them in Excel?’ and the short answer is ‘no’.

We know most people just want them for general interest to see how they compare and we can completly understand that. However, for insurance and legal reasons we try hard to ensure that our events are in no way seen as races or as having any competitive element. One way we do this is by only providing results that can’t easily be ranked and it’s for the same reason that we don’t normally provide number boards for bikes or set gold, silver and bronze time targets.

Part of the appeal of the rides for many is seeing how long it takes you to complete the course, we totally get that and that’s why we time you but that’s a personal challenge and not a competition against other riders.

Update 27/09/12

It’s been a long day. Agreed to meet the boys at 8.15am at the school so we could get a good start on the day and I also avoided the M25/M4 rush hour. Didn’t quite work with a hold up on the 25 and then  an ” I know better than the GPS” moment meant I didn’t get there until 9.20am. Signage sorted out and Keith dropped off I headed for the start of the long loop, where I saw signs to Hever Castle Triathlon on this weekend. Redesigned the route to avoid this ( see below)  and then found out our usual drink station area has been taken over by contractors for a school refit!! Sorting this out at the moment. So started riding about Midday…….


General info for the event:- 

Starting things off by letting you know the address is slightly wrong, but for a reason. The event centre is not actually in Biggin Hill, but New Addington.  Biggin Hill is more recognisable hence it’s inclusion. The road name and postcode is correct.


We have plenty of spaces on site, just in several places. Please follow signs and Marshals directions. If we do fill up all spaces then please park considerately outside on the road.

MTB event.

There’s some great biking for this event and it’s mainly on Bridleways and tracks, dropping off the North Downs and climbing back up…… There has been a fair bit of rain in the area so we are expecting it to be muddy in some areas. There will be a hose out the back of the school to clean your bike but can you please remove as much muddy clothing as possible before you come into the school.


Sportive event.

Some things to note.

Towards the start (6miles in) there is a steep descent with a hairpin, this will be sign posted and there will be slow signs, PLEASE SLOW DOWN. It’s supposed to be fair on Sunday, but if it’s dry or wet then you will have difficulty stopping from speed for the turn.

First drink station, medium/long

The first drink station the medium and long routes come to needs a mention. The medium riders will have to go back the way they came for about 100mtrs to the crossroads and turn right. Please don’t pass this thinking you don’t need to stop as you will then be on the long loop. If you don’t want to stop for food do a U-turn and ride back the way you came. Long riders will ride to the drink station, carry on past it and then loop back to it before passing for a second time and rejoining the medium route at the crossroads. If you have any doubts, please ask the Tony at the drink station and he’ll point you in the right direction.

Triathlon – Long loop

As mentioned above, there is a Triathlon on around the Long loop area. Ii have detoured our route to avoid most of this which has meant using busier roads than usual, but quieter than the 2000 expected bikes on the original route! There is a couple of miles on the back end of the loop that will be shared but looking at their times and the distance into our route, I don’t think this is going to be too much of an issue. They don’t have closed roads so we can use them but if a Marshal tries to direct you away from the pink signs, then let them know you are not in the Tri.





These rides are not races. Please follow the highway/countryside code. Give way to other road/trail users and be polite. Roadies, do not ride two abreast where it is not safe to do so and keep your speed down and bike under control into blind corners. MTB riders, there are a lot of HORSE RIDERS in the area. Please slow down and STOP when you meet a horse, follow the instructions of the rider. Remember, you have complete (ish) control of your bike, they won’t have control of a spooked tonne of  horse which can injure you/them/the horse. Think of it this way, you pass the horse once, they get passed 400 times. YOU are responsible for your actions and their consequences, if you cause an accident then you are liable for the costs.

GPX files.

These are now up for those that have pre-entered,( please do not mail me if you are not pre-entered, the files will be available to download from our computers on the morning. ) the link will be in the pre-event mail you should have received. If not, please check your junk folder or any other email addresses you might have used when booking. If you still can’t find it, mail me on dean.stacey@evanscycles.com. Bear in mind that I won’t answer mails between 7am – 9pm Saturday.


See you there.