What a day!  I left Tony and Keith at the event centre to put out the Short and Medium routes and drove to the Long ride split. Just as I approached this, at Hever Castle, I noticed a sign advertising a Triathalon this weekend!! After a quick chat with one of the guys there it became apparent that the Road section of their ride pretty much used a large section of our Medium and the start and finish of the Long route. I had to there and then re-design a huge section of the ride which unfortunately shortened the Medium and Long routes, so to combat this I have put a link in that takes you back to a point on the route you have done before so you do a section twice. This now means we can run 5 different lengths of route :-)   Here’s the GPX routes for the Road:-

Sportive Short

Sportive Medium 48miles (Without the extra loop)

Sportive Medium 56miles

Sportive Long 77miles  (Without the extra loop)

Sportive Long 86miles

If you are having problems loading these onto your GPS, try running them through Bikeroutetoaster.com

The Long route will be closed at 1pm and the event centre at 5pm.

One thing to note:- IMPORTANT the first big downhill has a sharp hairpin on it, please keep your speed moderated, especially if it rains. There will be plenty of pink signs saying “Caution” and “Hairpin”

Here’s the Gpx routes for the MTB ride on Saturday. These are PROVISIONAL until tomorow night at 7pm. If they are changed I will put “V2″ after the link.

MTB Short

MTB Medium

MTB Long