We’ve finished putting out the routes today so the GPX files are now listed below.

The road route is the usual warm up loop before heading up the fantastic challenge of Ditchling Beacon! A snippet of information – as you’re going up there are a few sections where the gradient flattens off a bit, this was apparently where they used to give the horses pulling wagons a rest!!! There’s then a fast descent in to east Brighton and then out towards Lewes. We us the cycle path here as this is a dual carriageway, but if you’re confident enough to ride on it, then feel free.

The Short splits just after a railway crossing, with the medium and long routes splitting off towards Laughton. Here the Long heads for the coast where, after the climb out of Alfriston, you can see France. Maybe. If you keep an eye out to the left you can see a chalk carving of a man on the opposite hill side. You are actually above a carving of a white horse at this point and you can see this when you ride below the man.

The MTB routes are the best we’ve ever had. They are dry and hard, unlike the previous years muddy ruts! The disadvantage of this is that they are unforgiving if you don’t have suspension. A warm up loop and then you’re riding up the North face of the South Downs. This isn’t as extreme as it sounds and although it’s not an easy climb it is very rideable. Once up you then ride along the top of the Downs before descending towards Brighton, coming back up and finishing on a blast of a downhill. The Long loop takes you to Lewes on a cracking downhill before returning to the top for the final run into base.

There has been a bit of hedge cutting on the long climb, so make sure you have a puncture repair kit and tubes just in case. We will have our usual 4 for £10 tube offer at the start.

A few things for this weekend.

Registration is in one of the new workshops. Please follow signs from the car park.

Car parking. We have the rear carpark, front carpark, overflow and field out front, please go where directed.

Horses, There are a lot of horses in the area, they know we’re coming. They have, however, requested that if you come across a rider, please give a shout in plenty of time and then follow directions. They have every right to be on the trails as well as us and the horse doesn’t care if you have right of way, it’ll still kick you. Please smile and be polite as the riders in the area pay for the upkeep of the trails you’re riding on :-)



PS. I’ve had to buy a beer in Little Chef in order to us their Wi-fi to post this as my mobile Wi-fi signal is pants. If there are any problems or comments I’m unlikely to be able to respond before the weekend.