Rider Times

After what seems like weeks of wet weather we finally got a dry spell for this weekend’s Cotswolds Ride It event and our first from the new Didmarton venue. Unfortunately the good weather wasn’t enough to dry up all the mud on the mountain bike course and lots riders commented on their return just how tough they had found the ride.

The good weather continued into Sunday with some clear skies for the start of the road ride. It seemed like a perfect day for getting out on the road bike and a few of the staff were certainly wishing they were out riding rather than working. With plenty of hills and winds that seemed to get stronger as the day went it certainly wasn’t a float day but generally good conditions for a challenging ride around the Cotswolds. Unfortunately it seemed we had a couple of course arrows removed towards the end of the route and although we quickly fixed this is seems some riders ended up adding a few extra miles which hopefully didn’t spoil their enjoyment too much.

You can download rider times using the links below -

MTB Rider Times

Road Sportive Rider Times


I nipped out and took some pics on Sunday, just a few and I was on the compact not SLR so they are a bit random!!

Follow this link Bristol 12 to low res. pics. If you want higher res copies mail me on dean.stacey@evanscycles.com and I’ll send them via email. They are big files so you might get a few mails back if you want more than one.



Shock News!!

Dry patch of road found in the UK!

Along with some blue sky….

and the sun….

I’m not going to say where I found this little piece of paradise in case we start a rush from all over the country, and I’m also not going to guarantee that it’ll be there on Sunday :-)

Actually, this mornings ride to put some of the road course out was a really nice jaunt through the Cotswolds. Due to some van warning lights coming on at 10pm last night, I ended up leaving home at 5.30am in order to get my section signed up before Keith and Tony arrived about 10am. in the dodgy Ride it wagon. Leaving Didmarton at 7.30am in shorts and a T-shirt I was soon into the countryside on small, winding lanes. There’s lots of Rapeseed out there, so with the Cotswold stone walls ,the bright yellow and green fields and little traffic, it was a really nice morning. One tip……it’s flat out there so if it’s windy you are going to be cycling into a head wind at some point! Make the most of a following gust. Here’s my Garmin data from the ride Garmin Connect but please don’t use this to download as it’s part of 3 different routes.

The MTB route will be going out tomorrow so i can’t really tell you about it other than half of the route is from our previous venue and the other half is new to us. Sneaking a look as I drove/cycled past bridleways today, all I can say is it’s going to be muddy :-)

GPX files

A pre-event mail will be going out shortly to all those riders who pre-entered ( and supplied an e-mail ( if you didn’t get the mail, try your junk folder)) and in it is a link to the GPX files. If you are entering on the day then the GPX files can be downloaded from our computers at registration.


There is a nice big field at the village hall. It’s now a nice big WET field! I’m hoping it’s going to be fine this weekend but we’ll just have to see on the day. If we are trashing the field then there is a lane by the field that you can park on the side of ( Please pull off the tarmac) There will be marshals ( me) to tell you where to go.


Please bring your helmet to sign on – no helmet, no ride.


These rides are not races. Please follow the highway/countryside code. Give way to other road/trail users and be polite. Roadies, do not ride two abreast where it is not safe to do so and keep your speed down and bike under control into blind corners. MTB riders, there are a lot of HORSE RIDERS in the area. Please slow down and STOP when you meet a horse, follow the instructions of the rider. Remember, you have complete (ish) control of your bike, they won’t have control of a spooked tonne of  horse which can injure you/them/the horse. Think of it this way, you pass the horse once, they get passed 400 times. YOU are responsible for your actions and their consequences, if you cause an accident then you are liable for the costs.



Coming Soon

Hi All.

This will be the place to find all the info about this coming weekends Bristol Ride It.

The Venue

Due to us changing our venue, I want to confirm that this is the correct address:-

Didmarton Village Hall
The Street

(NOT Kingswood)

Let’s hope for dryer weather!!