Hi All.

Firstly – Please see the post about where we are as the postcode wont take you to the campsite.

We spent yesterday setting out the road ride for Sunday in the glourious sunshine and have just opened the curtains to a fog bound Stafford, ho hum. Still, it’s forecast to burn off by the end of the morning and then stay good for the rest of the weekend ( there, jinxed it again, brace yourself you a deluge!) 

I put out the short route and have to say, I really enjoyed the ride. The first section is in the forest it’self before heading north on open, scenic roads and then returning to the Chase. Look around you when your ride through Tixal as there are plenty of interesting buildings, stone Pergodas and gatehouses. Last start for the Long route is 9.45am and the Long loop will be closed at 1pm.

The MTB route takes you from the Tackeroo campsite onto the Chase using Bridleways and defined tracks. Again, if the weather holds, this can be an amospheric and scenic ride with the chance of seeing some wildlife. There are plenty of deer around ( two stoped in the road in front of me yesterday ) and I saw a Green Woodpecker! The Long route has sections of the man made trails in the area, so enjoy.

The event centre is the Tackeroo campsite and has no buildings, so we are under marquees and at the mercy of the weather.

Carparking, there’s plenty of it, just drive past registration and park on the concrete strip, when this is full park where ever you want.

GPX routes are here until Monday. If you are having problems loading these, try running them through Bikeroutetoaster.com.

MTB short

MTB Medium

MTB Long

Sportive Short

Sportive Medium

Sportive Long