When I interviewed the team for their positions, one of the questions I asked was ” The course gets put out whatever the weather, are you ok with that?” Something I reminded the guys this morning as they sat in their warm, dry cars! It was a bit blustery out there today and peppered with showers, no heavy downpours, but the roads were pretty wet . Which brings me to my tip of the weekend – tyres choice. The roads are in winter conditions with leaves, twigs and mud from farms in various sections so I recommend taking off the skinny summer treads and putting on something more durable. I’m not saying the roads are unrideable, far from it, the short route was about 97% clear, but there are sections of country lanes where tractors have dragged mud on to the roads and the wind has blown tree debris down.

The MTB goes out tomorrow so I can’t tell you what the conditions are, but going on two years ago and similar weather, it’s probably going to be a bit of a mudfest!!! But hey, that’s winter mountain biking in England……


There is limited parking on site this weekend. We do have another parking area about 200mtrs away from the event centre which we will signpost when the main car park is full.

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