This weekend sees the first of our night rides. Actually “night” ride is slightly inaccurate as they start from 3-4pm, but it’s dark by then and you’ll need lights. We have a 14mile course for you to follow using highly reflective arrows and tape. Basically when you get to one piece of marking, you should be able to see the next, so just head for that – easy.

These rides are a great way to experience the thrill of riding at night and to add to this we have a whole fleet of Exposure lights for you to demo. From the awesome Sixpacks 1800 lumen’s, through Maxx Daddys, Torros, Joysticks, Flash’s and Flares, we have most models and accessories that the boys from Exposure make.

If you fancy giving the ride or a light a try, come on down to Cliddesden ( Pre-entry now closed – but lights can still be reservedvia the Cliddesden page on the website) and give it a go.