Rider Times

You can download the rider times from the Dorking Ride It! using the links below -

Saturday MTB Rider Times

Sunday Sportive Rider Times

Update 2/12/12

Hi All. Thanks for braving the cold this morning, was good to see so many of you. Thanks also to the guys who called in to let us know where there was a few incidents with ice. One of these, probalby the worst bit, was actually not on our route! Just after the first drink station, before you hit Forest Green, some kind person had changed our route to send you to Holmbury St.Mary and onto a particulaury bad section of ice – nice huh? This section of route was checked at about 9.30am this morning so the change was made after we went though but before some of you. Thanks to the rider who called me to let me know and who changed it back to the correct route. We did send someone out to check it but as the course was now the right one, he couldn’t find the ice.


Photos from both days can be found here (MTB loading and Sportive coming soon)

Update 7.31pm 29/11/12

Ok, briefly, as the day has been a bit longer than expected and I have a lot of changes to make to the MTB routes.

Had a really nice day on the road bike, started cold but ended up nice and toastie up on the ridges :-) The roads seem to be in an ok condition at the moment but that could all change by the weekend according to the weather forecast.


Please BRING YOUR HELMET TO REGISTRATION. You will not be able to register without it and it might be a long walk back to car if you forget it.

Post Code for the weekend is correct but a GPS might take you down “West Bank” This is a dead end and will mean turning around and coming back. Please follow our signs over your GPS. Ta Dean

MTB ride

Whilst out on the course today I bumped into a farmer who informed me that there was a shoot on in the area on Saturday. It’s starting about 10am and is near the start of our ride so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. To try and get you though earlier though we are going to open registration at 7.45am and starts at 8.15am. If you can make and effort to get there a bit earlier than planned, I would be really grateful. The routes are a bit wet but what I rode today was firm under wheel. I am having to make a few changes though and need to wait for the boys to finish putting out the course before I post up the GPX files. I hope to do this tomorrow about 6pmish. Files now uploaded

It’s not a race!

Please give way to other trail users, walkers, horse riders etc. If you come across a Horse, please let the rider know you are there in plenty of time and follow their instructions. Remember, if you spook the horse it might hurt you or other people and you are responsible for you actions and the consequences!!

Sportive ride

Well what’s happened here? It’s Dorking in December and we have our biggest ever pre-entry!!! As stated before, this event is sold out. This is due, in the main to parking, but secondly we don’t have the man power to process any more people. Please do not turn up hoping for an entry on the day, I have to dedicate as much of my team to getting those pre-entered riders through registration as I can.


As mentioned above, parking is going to be tight this weekend. Please follow the directions of the marshals and park AS CLOSE TO THE NEXT CAR as possible. This will assist us getting all of you on site. When the back two parking areas are full we will be parking you on the field out the back of the dome which  will be accessed at the bottom of the main carpark. To add to the fun there will be a church service in a building near the dome, they have all the bottom carparking spaces reserved for them. Please do not park in the spaces marked with a cone and follow the marshals directions onto the wood chipped driveway.


Is by the Evans tent and up the steps. Please do not walk through the tent or down the side of it as this will activate your timing chip!!! Walk through the carpark and around the top.

This is not a race!!

Please obey the highway code, stop at junctions and only ride two abreast where it is safe to do so – not on main roads or winding country lanes where cars travelling at speed will not be able to see you and stop!!!! If you cause and accident, you are responsible for the consequences and any costs.


I will try post up maps for both days by tomorrow night. These are for info only and you will get a hard copy at registration.

GPX files

Everyone who has pre-entered will have received a pre-event mail that has links to the GPX files and a guide to show you have to view them interactively. If you have not received this by 7pm tonight please check you junk folder, old accounts, your partners email if they booked and make sure you check the address you booked with! These are all common causes for not getting the mail. If you still don’t have them then email me on dean.stacey@evanscycles.com I’ll check your entry and send you a copy.  If you have not pre-entered then you can down load the files from our computers in the morning ( except Sportive as there are no on the day entries), please don’t email me asking for them

See you all there!


Update 6.21pm 29/11/12

Hi All.

I’m a bit behind today – had to go and check some of the MTB course to see if it was rideable. It wasn’t. So now I’m having to redesign a small section. Sportive GPX files will be up soon, MTB ones are going up tomorrow about 6pm adter we are happy with the course.

Ta Dean


Hi All

It’s happened again. Last minute rush and we’ve sold out of Sportive places, by quite some way!!  If you don’t have an entry please do not come to the event centre as there will be no room to park and no on the day entries. MTB on Saturday is still ok and open.


A few questions you might have:-

When are the routes released.

Thursday night will see a mail sent to all pre-entered riders, you should recieve it about 5-6pm. In it will be links to GPX files and instructions on how to use these to view the route interactively. If you are not pre-entered then Gpx files for Saturday can be downloaded from our computers on the morning ( Sunday is sold out so there are no on the day entries )

I didn’t get the mail.

Please check you junk folder, old accounts, your partners email if they booked and make sure you check the address you booked with! These are all common causes for not getting the mail. If you still don’t have them then email me on dean.stacey@evanscycles.com I’ll check your entry and send you a copy.



This is the place to come for last minute details of the event this weekend.

I’ll be posting updates from now until the event so come back to keep updated.