Rider Times

You can download rider times from the Hatfield Ride It! event using the links below -

Saturday – MTB Rider Times

Sunday – Sportive Rider Times

Sunday saw some pretty epic conditions for the road ride, lots of riders decided to stay at home rather than face a drenching so chapeau to those that turned up and rode. For any fans of Top Gear you all get a (W) for wet track in your results.

What a difference 48thrs makes!!

Wow! The wettest Ride It! ever, it’s official. We knew it was going to be damp  but that was virtually a constant downpour of water. Getting up at 3am on Sunday to pre-drive the Sportive route and walking out of the hotel into rain, I remember wondering if it was ever going to stop. I think it did, briefly, about 2pm :-) To give you some idea of the change in weather from setting out until the event, here’s a picture taken on Thursday on the long loop:-

The next picture was taken on the pre-drive and was the start of the long loop. This is when I decided to close this section as it was a about 300mtrs of fast flowing water up to the middle of the van wheels!! I know there was a lot of standing water on the Medium route, but this was flowing so fast I could feel it in the van. With no other detour available and not much time left, I had to make the call to close the Long loop.

As per Marks comments above, well done to all those that looked out the window and said “yep, looks like a cycling day” and especial kudos to those that hadn’t pre-entered and still turned up :-)





Latest News – 27/4/12

Right, sorry for the lack of updates, we have just changed the blog host and I found out yesterday that we couldn’t use the blog until today.

You should have recieved an information pack sent to your email address. If for any reason this did not arrive, then all the information you should need is here.

The weather was the talk of the course setters yesterday! One minute it was sunny the next it was like being in my nice new power shower, but on the cold setting :-) It’s looking like it’s going to be better this weekend, but John from Gore will be along with his nice kit to loan out to anyone who wants to try it out. ( It’s free)

On to the event- All the pre-registered riders should now have recieved the pre-event mail with all the info in it and links to the GPX files. If you haven’t got yours, check your junk filter, if it’s not there, please mail ma and I’ll check to see why this is. dean.stacey@evanscycles.com



Please bring your helmet to registration – no helmet – no ride.



With the recent downpours the field we use as an overflow might be out of use. If this is the case, we’ll close off the parking area and ask you to park out on the road. This is a residential road so please PARK SENSIBLY and do not block drives. Please also keep the noise down, remember, it’s early Sunday morning :-) .



With the rain, debris has been washed onto some areas of road, please make sure you have spare tubes or the means to mend a puncture – it might be a long, cold, wet wait if we have to come out to you…..



These rides are not races. Please follow the highway/countryside code. Give way to other road/trail users and be polite. Roadies, do not ride two abreast where it is not safe to do so and keep your speed down and bike under control into blind corners. MTB riders, there are a lot of HORSE RIDERS in the area. Please slow down and STOP when you meet a horse, follow the instructions of the rider. Remember, you have complete (ish) control of your bike, they won’t have control of a spooked tonne of  horse which can injure you/them/the horse. Think of it this way, you pass the horse once, they get passed 400 times. YOU are responsible for your actions and their concequences, if you cause and accident then you are liable for the costs.