Well I didn’t receive any calls or mails asking where the event was last weekend so I assume the change of dates didn’t catch anyone out :-)

We’ve put out the road course today and it was a little breezy!! The course is on nice rolling county lanes in some pretty countryside, there’s not many hills about so you should be able to whip along at a fair pace.

For those on the Long route you reach the first drink station, which is manned and at approximately 27miles, and bear left. Everyone else goes right. You then loop back to the Drink station and re-join the medium route. Whilst I’m mentioning the drink station, I’d like to mention something that has been bought to my attention and that’s peeing! Please try to be discrete! If you can’t wait a few minutes until the first woods come along please find a hedge and not just whip it out on the village green.

Car parking.

We have plenty of parking this weekend. Please don’t park in the school carpark on the right. Carry on down to the tennis courts and park as directed. When these are full we will be able to park on the field but watch out for the sand pits! I’ll tape them off, but keep your speed down.

Came across a huge group ( collective noun?) of giant snails whilst out today. It was in one patch of trees, must of been 100′s of them.

GPX routes available soon.