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Last year we were blessed with pretty good weather all year, so turning up in Chieveley this morning to pouring rain was i bit of a shock way to kick off 2012!! As per usual, the long loop fell to me to mark out, but this was my doing as I have an agenda……. I wanted to ride up Streatley Hill. This is due to the purchase of the Best 100 Climbs in the Uk book and today I knocked off one more :-) . You can buy the book here , it’s a great challenge and the good news is that the Ride It series will knock off about 10 – 15 over the year ( King of the Downs has 6 of its 10 climbs in the book!!) Using one of our new Garmin 800 units I was able to upload my route, the info can be found here Garmin Connect

Anyway, today. It stopped raining the second we started peddling and stayed dry for the entire ride, finishing in sunshine which was pleasant. The roads are in winter condition so we recommend winter tyres, try and stay off those ultra skinny, lightweight easy to puncture tyres. To be honest, they’re not too bad, there’s a few sections where there’s small stones and debris washed on to the tarmac but we have tried to stay on the bigger country lanes.

The Mountain bikers however are going to be in for a bit of a mudfest!!  There’s plenty of good surfaced trails on the ride, but this being winter in the Uk, there’s some mud about, and it might be a bit slippery……. bring your sense of humour.

Remember it’s NOT a race

Just a reminder that these rides are not races in any shape or form. Please treat other road and trail users with respect and patience, always give way and be courteous. Do not ride more than two abreast on roads where it’s not safe to do so, STOP at junctions and be aware that there might be something big around that blind corner. We do not insure you for your actions on our rides – if you hit a car it’s down to you to pay for the damage!

Right – GPX files. Here they are.


Welcome back! The RideIt! team hope you had a great Xmas and New Year, it’s now time to shake off the winter layer and get back on those bikes :-)

We have a few changes to our events 2012. Firstly we have teamed up with High5 to supply you with your nutritional needs on the ride. You’ll get a small tube of High5 Zero tablets, a bar or Gel and sports drink during the event to keep you topped up out on the trails. To keep you ON the trails we now have Garmin along as a navigation partner. There’ll be a range of Garmin Edge 200, 500 and 800 units to try out free of charge at the events. These’ll be all loaded with the maps for the day so you can ignore our arrows and just follow the Garmins directions, easy. They are due to land with us on the 18th of Jan so we are going to be a bit rushed to get them for Chieveley, but ask at registration and we’ll loan them out if we can.


Back to Chieveley……….

Traditionally the start to our year and always unpredictable……. From a cancellation due to snow, minus 6 degrees and frosty to mild and muddy, we’ve seen it all. Looking at our weather at the moment I’m guessing we’re going for mild again and let’s hope not too muddy. Then again it’s still the British winter :-) If this mildness does hold out we’ll probably take the Sportive up a few of the local hills.