24/08/12 Update - Review

Our sponsored rider, Tom Cornwell has reviewed his ride for us…

King of the Pennines- 19 August 2012

“I’d been anticipating this one for months. Even in this only my second season of sportiving I find myself seeking out the more challenging & ultimately satisfying rides. Everything suggested that King of the Pennines would fit the bill nicely. Aside from the obvious physical challenge I was looking forward to experiencing an area said to offer the finest cycling in the country. Therefore I arrived at Airville school in Skipton somewhat apprehensive but excited at the prospect. The day was overcast, but warm, with a light westerly wind.

 Registration formalities swiftly concluded I was able to set off with the first few groups of riders at just a little after 7.30. I amused myself with the thought that just a very few years ago 7.30 am on a Sunday morning  was more usually the time to arrive home not set out on a 100  mile cyclosportive. How my life has changed since I discovered cycling.

The first hour or so the route was, with hindsight, a warm up for the rest of the day. Rarely flat but nothing too serious in the way of climbs. Time to enjoy the magnificent scenery & revel in the almost total absence of motorised traffic. I begin to have nagging doubts that perhaps this isn’t going to be the challenge that I’d been hoping for.

The approach to Malham however suggests  that things are about to change as clearly the only way out of the village is up. So up onto Malham Tarn for the first of the morning’s serious climbs. The reasonably consistent gradient over its 2 miles allowing an even cadence & reasonably swift ascent so I soon  find myself admiring the North Yorkshire Moors.I’ve heard this region referred to as God’s own country.I can see why. God must be a cyclist. A ribbon of near perfect tarmac heading off into the Skifare valley surrounded by an unspoilt panorama of incredible beauty. Even the sun has put in an appearance.The descent is long, steep & quite technical threading its way between drystone walls before dropping onto the valley floor for a fast flowing section through Kettlewell & Langstroth Dale before kicking upwards towards the highest point of the ride at Fleet Moss. I find myself a little less inclined to admire the scenery here instead concentrating efforts on maintaining a decent pace . The climb stretches into the distance with varying gradients & a couple of false summits to cruelly raise my spirits. A real tester which leaves me breathless but rewarded by mile after mile of epic cycling. A series of short steep climbs & longer grinds compensated by  brilliant downhill sections plunging the route back into the valleys & through picturesque villages.

Worthy of note the descent at Park Rash. Wickedly steep at 25% with a nasty off camber double hairpin & not helped by the rain which had started to fall. Thankfully I’m well warned by the strategically positioned cautionary notices but still a white knuckle ride as I ease the bike gently onto flatter terrain.

Back now through Kettlewell, on to Conistone & the final drink station of the day. Having replenished pockets & bottles I move on for the last push. Only 20 or so miles to go now but the terrain remains tough right up until the last climb of the day over Halton Moor. Not the longest nor steepest ascent of the day but with my heavy legs it requires every ounce of remaining strength.Fortified & encouraged by the ” 5 miles to go” board halfway up I manage a slow but steady crawl over the summit to be greeted by a second sign declaring “no more climbs”. What a relief as I don’t think I  have another big one in me today. An undulating  descent towards Skipton & before long I flash past the “1 mile to go” sign. I am euphoric. I feel like I’ve explored my limits today & come through largely unscathed . I’m sweaty, tired, dirty & will hurt like hell in the morning but I wouldn’t miss this feeling for the World.  My Garmin shows that I’ve covered 177 kilometres ( including a fairly sizeable detour earlier in the day) & just shy of 3000 metres of climbing. Its little wonder that I’m tired & in need of the excellent free pasta & refreshments provided at the finish.”


21/8/12 Update

Times and Photos.

I spent yesterday recovering from the weekend ( actually, I drove around 85miles of the route showing Claire ( my wife who was at the finish line) why you were all tired when you crossed the line :-) ) and got home at 10.30pm. I’ve spent the morning wrestling with the timing system to get the times as Mark, who usually does it, was away in Switzerland….. Anyway, they are up and linked below. Along with the photos which were taken in the morning when it was sunny and you could see the views :-)

Judging by the feedback and the condition of most of you when you got back, it seems you had a great, if exhausting, day. The forecast was a bit mixed so when I went for a bit of cousre checking at 3am on Sunday and it was clear, I had high hopes of it holding out. Which it duly did for the morning and the starts, but by midday the drizzle had set in with riders starting to come back soaked. Talking to a few of you it seems this wasn’t to unwelcome as it cooled you down and was a refreshing change from the humidity…

There will be a review of the ride coming soon from one of the riders.

Right, times. If you can’t find yourself, you are in the wrong length ride, wrong time etc. Please mail me and I will investigate and ammend where I can.

KotPs Times


Can be found here:-






17/8/12 Update


A few things to make your ride easier/more enjoyable……



This only applies to the Full route riders. You will cycle through Kettlewell twice on the route, once in the morning and then about 3 hours later. There is a big “Scarecrow Festival” on at the moment which I experienced yesterday and involves people wandering around the roads looking at scarecrows in peoples gardens. We only touch the outskirts of all this, and in the morning most of you will be through before it gets going, but please take special note of the following.:-

In the morning you will enter Kettlewell by riding over a bridge, shortly after this bear left over another bridge and bear left again, that’s it! As you cross the first bridge there are some loos on the left, please use these as the drink station coming up doesn’t have loos. There should also be a member of staff here in a high vis and a sign to point you in the right direction.

In the afternoon you will enter via a steep section of road, turn right, left at the store and  left. Again, there should be a Marshal there to slow you down.

Please be patient and polite to the pedestrians who will undoubtedly be on the roads. Take it easy and let them know you are there – remember, they are entitled to be there and have a nice time as well as you, so let’s show how pleasant cyclists can be :-)


We have two parking areas next to the school and one just over the road. Please follow the instructions of the Marshall’s. When the two nearby car parks are full we will not allow anyone to turn into the road and direct you to the alternative parking.


Well it’s a bit mixed apparently. Heat wave down South but we are due some rain, so be prepared! Gore won’t be here but I do have a stock of clothing to borrow if you get caught out.

Road conditions

If it’s wet then there are going to be some tricky descents. If the roads are damp, please keep your speed down and under control on all descents, there will be some hairy ones out there!! Which brings me onto Park Rash. On the Full loop, after the drink station, you will ride a lonnnnggg climb, over  a cattle grid and then start the descent into Kettlewell, or Park Rash as it’s known. This has some tight hairpins on it and we will have signs out to warn you from a distance back – please take notice and slow down when you see the signs, not the hairpin as it will be too late at this point……


Please follow the signs to registration and don’t wander up the first driveway as this is where bikes will be coming from. When you do start the ride you will go back to the road, turn left, 50mtrs to the roundabout, go all the way around and back past the school on the other side of the road. This is to stop bikes/cars clashing so please don’t try and turn right at the top ( there will be a marshal there anyway)

All I can think of for now – most of this will be reinforced on the startline anyway.


Please check back on Saturday night.






Hi All

We are gearing up for this weekends ride and I’m busy buying lots of food to keep you all going throughout the day. Below is a bit of blurb from last years blog post which will give you a bit of an idea what to expect. Below this is a load of event information, so have a look through this and give yourself a heads up to how the day will run.


We are already bigger than last year so interest is growing :-)

From 2011

“The boys are back from setting out the course and it’s all up. There were three of them out there today putting up the route in sections but Mark was also out for a jolly and did the whole route. He’s now in the bath soaking his legs, but before he disappeared I had a word. We warm you up with a long flat section before the climbs start and Mark said he was wondering what the fuss was about, then he rode into Malham :-) Here we climb to the west of the cove up a steep road with a few hairpins. Both Mark and Keith said they quite enjoyed the challenge and the top opens you up to fantastic views and the start of the real Pennine countryside. From here to the drinkstation in Kettlewell is miles on remote, scenic tarmac which Keith described as ” what road bikes where built for” After Kettlewell the Full route heads over Fleet Moss which is the highest road in Yorkshire and then a long, steep descent into Gayle ( Picture above) Mark managed 47mph down here with a crosswind ( I did 48mph earlier in the year) but did say he was on the brakes as he didn’t want to get blown off. Up until this point he had had a tailwind and this was about to show itself as he turned into it for the return journey. This really kicked in on the climb up Coverdale which is 9miles up hill! A fast descent with a hairpin and it’s back into Kettlewell for the third drinkstation stop. From here it’s all pretty good running until the final sting in the tail over Barden Moor and into Skipton. Mark’s ride time was 6 hours 40 minutes with an average of 15mph so that should give you an idea of what to expect ( He said he would have done 6hours without the wind )”


The day will run like this:-


Riders should turn up to the event centre at:-

Aireville School
Gargrave Road
North Yorkshire
BD23 1UQ

There will be marshals directing you to the nearest carpark ( There are two by the school and one on the other side of the main road)

Registration opens from 7am until 9.15am, please follow signs to registration and do not dip under red/white tape or go throgh doors that are taped up!

YOU MUST BRING YOUR HELMET TO REGISTRATION. You CAN NOT register without it as your timing chip is stuck to one side of it.

Can I request that you do not take chips or maps until registration is open and they are handed to you.

Here you will pick up your timing chip, maps, (possibly a rider number ( for photographer if there is one) ) High5 bar and a ticket for breakfast.

Breakfast will be served from the school canteen and will include cereal, toast, Tea/Coffee/Juice ( If you wish to have another cup please bring your original cup back for a top up)

Get yourself ready to ride and then follow the signs to the start.

Starts are every 5minutes as and when you are ready, last start is at 9.30am PROMPT.

Please follow the directions of the Marshal at the top of the road. You will be directed left, up to the roundabout, ride around this and back past the school.


Are not in the hall. Please follow the yellow signs directing you to them.



There will be one drink station on the half route at 28miles and three on the Full route at 30,60 and 83miles.

Each station will have access to Loos and water. ( Although the First stop on the long is just after Kettlewell which where the loos are situated. If you need to, stop here and then ride around the corner to the drink station – I intend there to be a marshal at this junction)

They will be stocked with free cake, flapjack, bananas, High5 goodies, jelly beans and peanuts ( All items may not be available if the riders in front are partial to one type of food but there will be plenty to eat!!)

Please follow direction signs and marshals at these station.


There are some big hills, up and down. Please be cautious on ALL descent as there are a few hairpins and you will need to keep your speed in check. We will put out caution signs before these so if you see a sign it means there is something to be cautious of!!!

If you need help, please phone us on the number on the map. Due to the distances it might take us a while to get to you so please be prepared and be able to fix at least two punctures ( we will get to you buy it might take up to half and hour )

In the event of an emergency use the number on the map, if you can’t get a signal please use a nearby house.


When you finish please RIDE BACK THROUGH THE TIMING TENT. This is important as it is a check for us that you have returned and are not stuck out on a moor somewhere! That’s all you need to do as the chip on your helmet is disposable.

You will receive your goodie bag and another ticket. The ticket can be handed to the canteen for you bowl of pasta and a hot drink.


We will post on the blog a link to photos and your times on the Monday night after the event.


Any important questions?

Please mail Dean on Dean.stacey@evanscyles.com




The Evans Cycles RideIt! team are thrilled to be preparing for a return to Yorkshire for our King of the Pennines challenge sportive ride.

On August 19th riders will leave Aireville School in Skipton to begin either a 101 or 49 mile ride, depending how far they want to push themselves.

A test of stamina and endurance, this is a heart pounding sportive which promises miles of exhilaration for every conqueror who manages to power up the 11,000 ft of climbing on the 101 mile route.

2011 riders on our Pennines ride

KOTP, the second of our Super Sportive challenge rides this year, will reward riders for attacking the energy sapping climbs with some of the fastest downhill straights in the country.

Evans’ sponsored rider James Berresford took to the hills in 2011, and reviewed the ride, saying:  ”What a great ride. The beauty of the landscape throughout…was something else.”

This is the second year the RideIt! team have visited Yorkshire, and it promises to be another flying success, with an awesome line up of hospitality for our Pennines riders. We will keep our riders well fed, and on arrival all those taking part will receive a complimentary breakfast and a hot drink or juice.

Out on the ride more High5 products will be available at feed stations which are  also brimming with cake, flapjack, bananas and jelly beans. On completion, riders will get a pasta meal and drink to replenish aching bodies.

The route will be fully way-marked and waterproof maps will be provided. Fancy trying out a Garmin GPS for the day? Well we have a large stock of demo units for you to use free of charge, just follow the instructions from the main ride page Here

Gore Bike Wear will have left us a small amount of clothing for you to ‘Try Before You Buy,’ so come along and see what you can borrow to keep you riding comfortably all day.

Every rider will receive a Goody Bag from Evans, filled with treats from some of our best brands along with the usual High5bars, waterproof maps and timing chip.

Items are for information only and subject to change. Product will be a sample size, not the full bottle shown.

Entry costs £25, but is free for under 16s with a fee paying adult. Places are limited, and Berresford warned:  “If the secret gets out [about
this ride] I can see it getting a lot busier next year,” so sign up before they fill up!

 For a full review, check out Evans’ riding blogger James Berresford’s account.

Riders edging up the hills last year