Hi All.

Marquee’s up, weathers looking good, 9000 bits of food/bars on site, it’s all looking good for Sunday.

Attached is the rider list for the ride. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ.

The list is alphabetical on your surname.

If you booked for 2,3,4 people there will be the corresponding number of gaps beneath your name, these are all your numbers as well. When you arrive at registration we will need you to fill in the blanks to get your chips and each rider will have to sign individually.


KOTDs Full route rider list

KOTDs Half route rider list

On the day.

There will be a copy of the list posted up before registration if you forget your number so please check.

Go to the appropriate desk and sign by the side of your name. Tell the staff your number and you will receive an envelope with all your goodies in. This will be a map, timing tag, rider number for the bike, cable ties and ticket for your breakfast.


We have two types of tag. The first is an orange chip and will come with a black ankle strap, please wrap this around your ANKLE so it gets a good read on the mats. The second is a small square wit two holes in it and this should be cable tied to your shoe lace/strap.


You will receive a raffle ticket in the start pack and this entitles you to free breakfast.

When you finish the ride you will be given another ticket for the after ride food.

You can only use the tickets at the appropriate time.


You can start when you are ready and starts are every 5 minutes (approx.) We will funnel you across a timing mat where your rider number will be taken. You will need to be walking at this point to get a good read on the mats.


When you finish please WALK over the mats to stop the clock. You will be handed a goodie pack and your chip will be removed THIS IS AN IMPORTANT SAFTEY PROCEEDURE SO WE KNOW EVERY ONE IS BACK, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAND YOUR CHIP BACK.

GPX files will be up later tonight.

If I think of anything else I’ll post later.