Times and Photos added

I’ve now uploaded the pics I took from the MTB ride on Saturday. They can be found here:-

Evans Flickr

These are low res and downloadable. If you wish to have a higher res picture, please email me the numbers and I’ll mail them back free by return.


Dean ( dean.stacey@evanscycles.com )



The times from this weekend’s event are now available to download -

GPX files added

Update 4.40pm

Car Parking. It’s been a bit damp up here on the ground ( although it’s sunny now ( and the boys have put out the MTB course with minimal mud!)) and the school field is not going to take any parking this year. We have arranged some extra parking in the grounds of Harewood House so if you are directed away from the school go straight across the traffic lights, through the arch and follow the signs. Then come back to the school for registration.



Where’s the sun we were promised? That’s what I was thinking all around the route today. It wasn’t wet, just overcast and a tad windy on the tops. As usual I rode the Long loop today whilst putting out the course, and it’s one of my favourites. As I stated below, we’ve changed the route directions around a bit which has had the unintended effect of adding in Norwood hill from the “100 best cycling climbs” Now it just so happens that I’m busy working my way through these so took the opportunity to knock this one off on the way to the start of my loop ( it’s on the medium, so I stopped at the top, rode down and then back up)  So, anyway, back to the long loop. After the drink station you will come up to a crossroads with a pub on it, here the Long splits off to the right, down to Thruscross reservoir and up to Blubberhouses Moor. Here there is a busy road section for about 3miles, most of which is downhill, until a roundabout takes you past Bolton Abbey and quieter roads. I’ve taken out two climbs from the summer route here and added in a more gentle, constant climb which brings you to a T junction and the final short, sharp climb to the top at Stump Cross Cavens. Shortly after this a right turn takes you back to the drink station via a great, exposed road which is generally downhill for about 5kms.

Here’s my route from today on Garmin connect  There is an added descent and climb on this that you don’t do though ( it’s another climb from the book!!) so ignore the section from about 15.5 miles to 22miles.


Remember it’s NOT a race

Just a reminder that these rides are not races in any shape or form. Please treat other road and trail users with respect and patience, always give way and be courteous. Do not ride more than two abreast on roads where it’s not safe to do so, STOP at junctions and be aware that there might be something big around that blind corner. We do not insure you for your actions on our rides – if you hit a car it’s down to you to pay for the damage!


GPX files – Please see the note below.

There is a folder for the Sportive routes for Garmin 800 units – this will give you turn by turn instructions on your 800 unit. All other units use the straight forward GPX folder. If you have problems or require other formats for you  unit, ( TCX for Garmin 500s)   the route to Bikehike.co.uk and then download to your computer.

GPX files  (MTB provisional until Friday night)







Hi All.

Leeds is our venue this weekend and let’s hope it’s as nice as it was last year!

I’ve tweeked the routes about a bit. On the SPortive this is because we are still runnng winter distances and therefore have reduced last years routes to the 30/50/70mile format. I’ve also changed the direction of the short and medium loops to run the otherway around. The MTB routes are basically the same but in different orders, so if you are doing the medium, you’ll get to do last years long loop.

GPX files for the event will be posted here on Thursday night. PLEASE NOTE. This will be the last time we post the GPX files up before the events. From the next event on we will be linking to the files via the pre-event mail sent to everyone who pre-enters. If you didn’t pre-enter you will be able to down load at the event via a stand alone computer, just bring your own lead. This is because people are just down loading our routes and not coming to the events, so I’m supplying free routes to everyone. At our Chieveley event for instance, the routes were downloaded more times than the total riders that actually turned up at the event!


As usual, I’ll be posting up over the period up until the event so keep popping back for the most up to date news.