Another pleasant day in the saddle :-)

Usually I get to sit in a hotel room on Fridays whilst the boys put out the course. Today,  however, Keith’s knee has been playing up so I got to go out and mark some course, thus reducing the amount of riding he had to do – how nice of me!

I got to do the bit around Aspley Woods. This is a permit only riding area, (we pay for you for the day) and has some great trails. You’ll go past the jump area on the route so if there’s any bikers about it might be worth a few minutes stop to look at bikers clearing scary looking gaps!! Our route doesn’t go on the jumps and if you do decide to have a go then on your head be it!!  If you come to the area again, please pay for a day permit as there was some uncertainty about the use of the woods for bikers, so it’d be good to safe guard the trails for the future.

The trails were suprisingly dry, with just a hint of moiusture in parts and you’ll get to ride in some  pretty woodlands. The boys aren’t back yet so I can’t report on the rest of the route, but my bit was great.

The route through Aspley is a bit complicated but if you follow the signs it should be fine, There are two signs that require special atention. The first one you come to is tittled “All Routes” and a pair of arrows, one saying ” First Lap” and the other “Second Lap” so, are you ready for this, WHen you come to it the first time you follow the First Lap arrow and the second time, the “Second Lap”arrow.

The second sign is after the manned drink station. At the top of a descent there is a sign tillted ” Medium and Long Routes” and then a pair or arrows as above. Long and Medium routes obey these arrows, short route, go left.

Right, the GPX routes:-

MK MTB short

MK MTB Medium