I’ve broken the internet!

I can’t get access to my e-mail as the password I’ve been using for the last year and a half has apparently never existed! Also can’t get into our new Trailzilla account to post the gpx routes as I’m already logged in on another computer, which is odd as I’ve only ever logged in on this laptop!!

So until someone reapirs it I can’t send out the pre-event mails tonight and I’m going to post the GPX routes on the old site for now. As and when they let me back into cyberspace I’ll get these things sorted.

We were out on the road bikes today setting out the Sportive for Sunday and it was Sunny!! There was a bit of a wind however and you had look out for the occasional gap in hedges where the wind caught you unawares. The long loop, which I set out, was very scenic with imposing mansion houses sitting on rolling hills. This is the “hilly” section of the ride but there’s nothing of any real difficulty, just long, gradual climbs.  There are two other climb of note, the first, after Albury, is the steepest of the day but is followed by the first drink station. The other is a cheeky little climb towards the end of the ride at Lidlington, but once over this it’s a run into the finish and a fast last descent in to Bow Brickhill.


We are a bit tight for parking on site so please park as close to other cars as possible!! Once the parking is full on site we have some more parking arranged at Red Bull F1. You’ll be given directions and a ticket to be left in the front of your car.

Here’s the gpx files:-

Hurrah, Trailzilla has logged off my evil twin and let me back in!! Right, this is the Memory Map trail sharing site and is where we will be hosting our GPX files from now on. The main advantage of this is that you can see a basic map of the route for those that want to have a look. You’ll need to register to be able to down load but this is a one of registration. You can then choose to pay for more options like purchasing OS maps. Anyway, have a look and let us know what you think.

MK Sportive short

MK Sportive Med

MK Sportive Long